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Oriflame Very Me Lip Mania Lipsticks [Flirty Pink & Rock Star Pink] Review, Swatch & LOTD

Oriflame lipsticks have hardly failed me so I do not hesitate to try lipsticks from this brand. You would have already seen a wide range of Oriflame lipstick reviews here at 'A Shopaholic' and here are another 2 lipsticks in different shades of pink but from the same Lip Mania range. The packaging is absolutely girly and the catalogue had so many different shades to tempt me !


The packaging is absolutely girly I repeat -  the lipstick comes in a transparent glass tube and all the color you can see is that of the lipstick. It has cute shoe designs on the packaging too ! The light baby pink is the shade 'Flirty Pink' and the hot pink is 'Rock Star Pink'. As much as the packaging and brand impressed me the lipstick disappointed me very badly. Flirty Pink is a frosty finish lipstick and refuses to show the color on my pigmented lips. Since the other shade was bright I expected good color pay off but it was as sheer as a lip balm. I had to swipe these like 6-7 times to show the color on my lips !

  • Interesting girly packaging.
  • Almost all pink shades in this range. 
  • Rock Star Pink was a bit moisturizing.
  • Easily available these days.
  • 10 shades to choose from.

  • Had to swipe 5-6 times for the color to show.
  • The color hardly stays for 1 hr !!
  • These are neither moisturizing like lip balms nor gives out any color like lipsticks !
  • The lipstick feels like colored plastic.

After 5-6 swipes


The cost of Oriflame Very Me Lip Mania Lipsticks are Rs.169 for 4 g. Now they have hiked the price to Rs.198 !

Flirty Pink

Rock Star Pink


I read a couple of positive reviews about these too, so might be these just didn't work for my pigmented lips ! I do not expect much color as I am more of a gloss person but these are very sheer [almost colorless] when swiped once or twice. I used both the lipsticks just once and it is just a cute looking lipstick in my vanity :( 

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. rock star is pretty..i kno the pigmentation is bad..:(..the first pic is lovely

  2. Man these luk so tempting but a dud :\

    1. Yaaa :( but I am surprised that few people actually like these lippies !!

  3. flirty pink is such a girly shade.. with light shimmers..

    1. All shades are girly Shikha but I wish it shows well..

  4. rock star pink is pretty n girly :)

    i m lovin the packaging too...

    1. Packaging is the one that fooled me :(

  5. oops..I like rock star pink..wish it was better in terms of pigmentation..

  6. They look very pretty in the tube....too bad these didnt do so well

  7. these are poorly pigmented, giving them a pass. looks very tempting in the tube. thank you

    1. Yup, these lipsticks looks so tempting in the tube !

  8. Both color are so pretty i just love it <3

    1. Ya the shades are pretty !

  9. Totally agree with you..I love all the shades that I've bought of this brand till now and thats why it has become my fav brand. Well' I loved the shades and will try them too.



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