Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 'For Him'

I don't reserve my love just for the Valentine's Day and yes I love my hubby always - any time, any day, any min - even if he refuses to take me shopping.. lol.. ;) So Valentine's Day is just another day for us but I have to specify that hubby makes sure to surprise me on the V Day! This year I thought why shouldn't I surprise him too? and at the same time my cousin wanted me to suggest her some good gifts options for her boy friend. I tell you it is so hard and we don't have many options for guys.. Lucky guys can give us anything, because we love almost everything under the sun ;)


It is better if you know about 'Him' well ! If he has come recently in your life then you should do some wild safe guess and go ahead to pick a gift that he might probably like ! 

The Foodie Guy
  • If he is a foodie you can actually plan a candle light dinner - though the idea is pretty old it always works - especially if he is a foodie. Make sure you pay the bill !
  • Try baking some pretty heart shaped cup cakes / cake for him. Say a dozen cup cakes and each topped with a heart saying what you want to tell him. [Like the tiny hearts in the pic above] You can even just buy them from a good baker :p if you are new/bad at baking. Do not try anything new !
  • You can cook and invite him for an elaborate dinner !! But.. But.. But.. - Don't except him to like or appreciate what you cooked :p Guys are always guys na ;)
  • If he loves beer/champagne then the gift becomes so easy - a gourmet beer basket with some interesting snacks chosen by you :)
  • As simple as a box of heart shaped chocolates also helps.

The Techie Guy
  • The options are pretty simple here - a mobile phone/ I Pad or just an interesting accessory for his mobile phone [if you feel you can't afford a mobile phone !]

The Dressy Guy
  • If your guy loves dressing up neat and perfect all the time then you can the usual options like pants, shirts, belts, cufflinks, tie, tees, shoes or a mix of everything based on your budget.

The Book Worm
  • The option is again easy here - Romantic Novels gift wrapped in a heart shaped basket and signed by you. 

The Gamer / The Photographer
  • You have a wide range of options to choose play station stuffs and DSLRs or the gift might be even as small as the gaming CDs and just the lens that he wanted to buy for a long time.

The main trick/tip here is, 
  • Whatever you give him - big or small it all depends on how you present it. 
  • It makes things easy if you know his interests and choose the gift accordingly.
  • If possible let it be a surprise for him.
  • Make sure you do all of the above with loads and loads of unconditional love ♥♥♥♥♥ 

So what have I planned? 

It is 5 years of love so planning for 5 different gifts/surprises :D Hope it goes well :)

Share with me if your gift ideas too :) I am all ears.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. 'Don't except him to like or appreciate what you cooked" PERFECT :D :D :D

  2. Nice post Aarthi. I am with the Gamer :P Have decided to go for PSP :P

    1. Great choice Hina and a very Happy Valentine's Day to both of you :)

  3. The best thing u can "gift" ur hubby is u of course...all beautifully "gift wrapped" in lace with a pretty bow ;)

    1. Wow !! That goes without saying ;)

  4. loved ur write up alongwith the ideas Aarthi :)



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