Monday, March 11, 2013

Bic Soleil Scent Razors : Review

I don't shave often and I stick on to waxing most of the time. It is only during emergency [ when the hair is just half grown and I have to go to a party] and travel I go back to razors. Every time I shave I curse myself for doing it as I am not comfortable shaving as it does not give the smoothness that waxing leaves behind ! So it happens and here are another set of razors again from 'Bic' for the review.


I have already reviewed a set of BiC razors HERE and I feel the ones I am reviewing today are better than the one I had reviewed earlier. Since these razors have 3 blades it gives a close shave and that leaves the skin very neat. Though many have complained about cuts and nicks I haven't faced any thing of that sort. No fragrance and there are 4 blades in a pack. Claims to have Lanolin and Vitamin E ! Absolutely travel friendly too. The handles are lengthy, sturdy with good grip.

  • Gives a close shave.
  • Best for travel.
  • Handle is lengthy and comfortable to use.
  • The rubber pads gives good grip.
  • Colors are pretty and attractive.
  • Each razor lasts for 3-4 uses.
  • No nicks at all.

  • Cleaning the razor takes more time as I need a separate brush to take all the tiny hair that gets stuck in it.
  • Hair grows back in just 2 days !


The cost of BiC Soleil Scent Razors are $5-$7 for a pack of 4, which is approximately Rs.300-Rs.400.


I am personally satisfied with these razors however many complain about cuts !! I hate shaving as the hair grows back in less than 2 days and it happens with this razor too. Considering travel and other situations where we can't access a parlor then this is the savior. I am glad it did not cause any boils the next day like the other razor.

Rating - ♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I just got epilator . .bye bye shaving blades forever :D

    1. I am still scared of epilators !!



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