Saturday, March 9, 2013

Crazy Clicks - 'Food' this time !

I keep clicking all crazy and random things [sometimes useful stuff too :p] I find around me. I love doing it and I have a separate hard disk full of my clicks ! Can you believe that !! 

Recently I gave a serious thought to my weight gain during my pregnancy and I have started dieting along with work outs at the gym :) Out of the 10 kgs gained I've lost 5 and 5 kgs to go - which seems to be the toughest. In this process I keep clicking everything I eat, especially if it is good ;)

Something similar to that in the pic above will be my lunch most of the days ! I hate rice and I hate cooking just for myself so this is the end result. Will share another crazy click like this :)

I love Kiwis and Dates - Do you? These 2 pics were clicked with my Iphone, so bear with the quality.. :p
If this looks so boring to you then there is one more pic for you :D

I made 'Gobi Mattar' for dinner. I didn't have patience to make rotis, so made dosas and the combination was yummmmmmmm. Trust Me ! It was :)

If you want to know the recipe, you can go HERE.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. wow! Fruits for lunch? Is it really working? I too think to have such a lunch but somehow i feel hungry after just 1.5 hrs :(
    Any tips for me?

    1. Shruthi, restricting my food habits always have made my appetite low ! I keep filling up with fruits even before I feel hungry again coz if you feel hungry that is when you tend to have junk and fruits would never come to your mind then !!!

  2. Heeheheee I do that too..chop up fruits and make them look pretty to take least that way I will eat something healthy na :D :D I have always wanted to try kiwifruit..does it have a tart taste to it? I don't know why, but I get this feeling it's going to be like a pineapple.. don't even pick up the samplers in store because I am soooo sure I won't like it..I just want to get it to take photos :P

    1. True they look so pretty through lens :D I love kiwis but many do not like them. It is a bit sour here [I mean even strawberries are sweet abroad and sour here :p] but I do not mind and my cousin feels it is like pineapple coz she gets itchy tongue after eating kiwis. I feel kiwis are better than pineapple :p



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