Sunday, March 31, 2013

Find the Color of your Mood : Mine is Green

It was only when hubby mentioned I noticed I have been using green color every where in the past 2 weeks ! Green is not my favorite color, I might as well say the color I least prefer ! Whenever some one says 'My Favorite color is Green' I feel they are bad in choosing things including color :p No Offense meant here ! Just sharing my random thoughts. So when a person like me wears green, sees green, tries green and smells green what would that mean? Even I was curios like you...

We bloggers commonly use the term Green to signify jealousy. So was wondering if I am jealous about something or some one. Oh Well, that is a tough question - coz I do feel jealous about so many things around me
  • when people do huge hauls and I am on a shopping ban, 
  • when people have neatly painted toe nails unlike mine that looks bad without being able to buy a nail polish remover [blame my ban !], 
  • when there are huge discounts and sale going around and people come out of the shops with huge shopping bags and 
  • people get to eat all junk while I am supposed to be dieting :(
Is that the reason I felt all green?

I did google a bit to find out what the experts had to say.

Here is the answer :

Green is the color of nature and health. It represents growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. Green is a relaxing color that is easy on the eye and has a healing power to it. It is often used to represent anything having to do with health. Many pharmaceutical and nutritional companies use green in their logos and material to advertise safe natural products. Dark green is commonly associated with the military, money, finance, and banking. However it can also be associated with being new or inexperienced as being green or a "green horn". Green is becoming a very popular color in design for web sites.

Phew ! Glad the answer sounds good. 

So what is the color of your mood?  Aren't you curios?

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. my fav color is lime green! it makes me feel fresh. n then i love aquamaine :)

    1. Great choice Shylu, Lime Green and Aquamarine both fresh colors :)

  2. Amazing metabolism...where a girl eats everything and just does not put on weight..can make any woman J ! I agree.. :D

    1. Haa Haa Very true Bhumika !!

  3. I have my share here as well.. I am.not at all.a fan of green but all my dresses have a hint of green.. I hate when someone asks me the same question

    1. Haaa... that is what I meant.. so it happens with everyone :)



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