Friday, March 8, 2013

Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Rose & Cardamom Review

If something that made me buy products from Forest Essentials then it is THIS SOAP I tried initially. Thanks to my dad who got it for me. I am glad the travel pouch I bought came with a soap as well. Though it is a sugar soap it was different from what I had used before - Well, this one has Rose & Cardamom and the one I tried earlier had Aloe Vera and Neem ! Ya, the names are totally tempting.

Review requested by Bhumika :)


I blame myself for doubting the fragrance of these soaps ! I never thought all the variants would smell equally amazing. The soap smells of enjoyable rose and cardamom and I have to say the combination is awesome. If you want to enjoy your bath with soaps then just go straight to FE stores and pick the ones you love. The soap looks so lovely - transparent with light pink color. They lather pretty well and quite moisturizing too. I can't say even one reason to skip these in your bath routine.

  • Amazing fragrance.
  • Love the transparent pink colored soap [looks more coral in pics].
  • Lathers and cleanses well.
  • Does not leave my skin dry. However I need moisturizer for my super dry skin.
  • Easily available now.
  • Love the list of ingredients.
  • This tiny version is super travel friendly.

  • These soaps get over soon but that is how I want my soaps to be as I get bored very easily. So this is not a con for me but they are sold in huge size [125 g] and I wish they had the smaller ones for sale too.


The cost of Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap with Rose & Cardamom is Rs.375 for 125 g. The one I have got is just 50 g that came in a travel kit. Different variants of these sugar soaps have different price tag so do check out the price before buying.


The fragrance is amazing and so is the soap. I do not have any complaints with these and any day I feel like using soaps I'll blindly buy any sugar soap from Forest Essentials. However I love the Aloe Vera and Neem version better and I still wish they make it available on their stores as well and do not reserve them only for star hotels. I also want to try their butter soaps, don't know which one I will try next. If you haven't tried these before I'll say you should try them at least once ! 

Rating - ♥♥♥♥



  1. THE SOULFLOWER soaps get over soon too.....however the lush ones last a very long time

    1. I am yet to try soaps from Lush !

  2. Those ingredients are certainly to fall for!

  3. wow it looks soo yummy.i want this for the fragrance it has

    1. Preeeeeeeee... You should get this.. the fragrance is amaziiiiiiiingggggg

  4. ooooohhhh the moment I saw your post on FB about Sugar soaps i had to had to come check it out! Great review and i think I am gonna pick this up on your recommendations :D ♥

    1. Woww.. Hope you like it Suma.. I am sure you will :D

  5. Are'nt there sugar granules ? As in I thought sugar soap must be for exfoliation..



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