Thursday, March 28, 2013

Konad Stamping Nail Art Stone Set : Review, Experiment

As I had mentioned in my post yesterday Nail Colors have never fascinated me and so are Nail Arts ! I really go 'Wow', 'Super', 'Amazing' and what not when I see beautifully done nails but never had the patience to try anything on my nails. A couple of trials failed me badly and that made me run away from further trials. It suddenly struck me that I have a Konad Stamping Kit and see what I did with it !


The Konad Stamping Nail Art Stone Set [don't understand why they named it 'stone' set] has 3 special nail colors, two image plates that you get to choose, stamp, steel blade scraper and sharp tip to work with dots. This is much more than what would I need. The instruction are at the back of the kit and it does make the job very easy. Only problem here is the cleaning part, you need a acetone based nail polish remover to clean the scraper and image plates ! 

  • Nail Art becomes so easy with this kit. You need not actually be an artist to do nail art.
  • You get to choose the image plates of your choice :)
  • You get pretty nail art in less than 5 mins.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Available online these days.

  • I hate the cleaning part.
  • It lasts longer with a top coat and so top coat is mandatory.

Clear Instructions


The cost of Konad Stamping Nail Art Stone Set is Rs.1000 (approx) for all the accessories mentioned above along with the 3 nail colors.

My First Trial :p

A good one for beginners and for nail art lovers. If you want to make your nails pretty in an easy way then this must be your first buy. I am still learning and the first time I feel I did a decent job I shall share the pics with all of your here. So far I am really loving this one [except the cleaning part] and will try something new every week :)

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. loved ur experiment..agree with the cleaning part :/

  2. great review, i cant get the designs straight :P

    1. Better ! I can't get the designs at all !!!

  3. even i m like u.. go crazy looking at nail arts done by others.. but never really managed to do something on me other than simple polka dots :D

    those white flowers look really cute.. so very spring-y!

    1. Thank you so much dear.. you are always so encouraging :)

  4. wooahh , that is green color .. very pretty ..

  5. Wow I loved this Nail art set very much I am gonna try once ...Nice Post Aarthi :)

    1. It is so easy to try Radha.. Do give it a shot !

  6. Here is the deal.. I'll come over to your place and you can experiment on my fingers :D

    1. I feel you do better nail art da, but I am ready to experiment it on you :)

  7. I have 7-8 image plates lazy to do :(
    Your nail art is so simple and pretty !! Will use mine this weekend :)



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