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Oriflame Very Me Double Trouble Eye Pencils : Review, Swatch, EOTD

Colorful things attract me very quickly. Say, I am walking into a store and they have all different shades lined up neatly - be it an eye pencil or lip color or just anything, all that is important is, it should be colorful and all shades should be available - I'll just buy all of them ! That is how I bought all of these Oriflame Very Me Double Trouble Eye Pencils. There were 5 pencils in 10 different colors ! 


See how colorful the pic is ! I have used all the colors and the green and gold are my favorite so far. Each dual sided eye pencil has a name 
  • Night Glow - Black & White
  • Mocha Loca - Gold & Chocolate Brown
  • Electric Purple - Light Purple & Violet
  • Goddess Green - Bluish Green & Bottle Green
  • Blue Lagoon - Light & Dark Navy Blue
These eye pencils are creamy and glides easily on the lids. As with the creaminess comes the smudging. It smudges easily and if you have the habit of rubbing your eyes often or sensitive/ watery eyes then skip these. Out of all these the Electric Purple duo refuses to show on my lids :( However I love the color so much. If you have the entire set then I am sure you won't need any more colors for your eyes ! Once I had the golden color on my lids and the MUA at MAC said she loved it so much ! She was asking me about this for the next couple of mins !

  • Pencils are creamy.
  • Easy to apply - no tugging.
  • Colors are vibrant.
  • Easily available.
  • The entire kit would complete your eye kit.
  • Easy to sharpen and use.

  • Smudges easily.
  • Few colors might show up only on lighter skin tones -Electric Purple Duo for example !
  • Few colors break very easily - white and brown for example.
  • Electric Purple duo is a bit dry and difficult to work with and they are not as creamy as the other duos :(
  • Staying Power is less - not more than 3 hrs and thus not for the water line. 

L to R - Goddess Green, Electric Purple, Mocha Loca, Blue Lagoon, Night Glow


The cost of the Oriflame Very Me Double Trouble Eye Pencil Duo is Rs.198 for 1.3 g.

Colors on my bare eyes - You can see 2 colors in each pic and Night Glow in the water line. You can also see that the color on my water line almost faded away in the last pic !


These eye pencils are not a must have but makes your kit complete, especially if you are beginner. Other than Electric Purple all duos are creamy and easy to work on the lids too. I am loving these and have always been my favorite. I might not repurchase them but I do not regret buying these eye pencils.

Rating - ♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. nice review....the golden one might be good for highlighting inner corners

    1. Ya Prayati, Golden one is very pretty :)

  2. wow very pretty shades n affordable too..

  3. Oh I'm loving Goddess Green..Nice swatches

    1. Ya the Greens are so pretty.. Thank you Lee :)

  4. So colorful! Man u r making me J Aarthi! I love the gren gold and blue and purple combos d most :D

    1. I wish the purple one shows :( but seriously all colors are pretty. This month these pencils are on offer, y dont you try? :p

  5. I liked purple and mocha :)

    1. Good choice Bhumika :)

  6. I love the green, but this shade is common in all brands I guess. Some have good pigmentation among your swatches and some are looking sheer. Anyways thanks for sharing :-)

    1. I have mentioned about pigmentation Nisha and ya the colors are common but love them all :)



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