Monday, March 25, 2013

The Body Shop Organically Grown Cotton Moisture-Boost Socks : Review

My feet becomes extremely dry during winters that I can't survive without a moisturizer or a good body butter. Nothing else could help me other than The Body Shop Body Butters and I always stock up Body Butters to last for the nest 6 months. It was during one such purchase I thought of buying these cotton socks along with the body butters. Let us see how it helped me.


The Body Shop cotton socks are super comfortable on my legs and especially after applying heavy body butter on my feet I need not worry about the moisturizer getting rubbed off on my clothes or bed sheets. It feels like all the moisture gets locked in and on regular usage I need not worry about dryness at all. The socks does make a lot of difference and I am so hooked on to this ! However, I use this only during winters and once summer starts I wash them (with hands) thoroughly, iron them and keep it back for next winters and it stays as new as they were ! While doing the above I thought it is time for a review of these amazing pair of socks and so are you seeing this review.

  • The cotton socks feels so light and comfortable on feet.
  • Locks the moisture in.
  • Feet feels (and looks) so much more better as if it undergoes some over night treatment.
  • Need not worry about the moisturizer getting rubbed off.
  • Easy to wash and re use.

  • Some times if your foot cream stains the socks then it is a bit hard to remove them ! I always hand wash these so no idea how good it is to machine wash.


The cost of The Body Shop Organically Grown Cotton Moisture-Boost Socks are Rs.570 for a pair.


I have been using this for the past 3-4 months, almost everyday and I wash them twice a week. You can see they look absolutely new and neat. I have pressed them and putting them in for the next winters. I love how it protected my feet and it was truly a blessing for a person like me who always had trouble with extremely dry feet. It did help me a lot !

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. woww..should try it for my mom..she always has issues with cracks and just the body butter or any moisturizer including oil doesnt always help..

    1. Try this d, it makes a lot of difference :) I am planning to get a pair for mum too :)

  2. I wanna get his tooo!!I have super dry feet :(...But the way TBS has hiked prices I have stopped visiting their altogether.

    1. OMG ! Really Sophia ! That is a bad news :( Since I haven't shopped for months together I had no idea about their price hike :(



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