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'300' Celebrations International Giveaway ! - Closed

Hey Girls !

It is giveaway time here again and sorry for the really long wait ! I was planning for a sale and giveaway and once the sale was over I was working on what to giveaway. It was quite unexpected that I came across these amazing 'LE Gem Collection Make Up Tools Kit' by ELF and I couldn't wait any longer I went ahead and ordered them. They were available in 3 colors - I got these in purple :D

Now the reason for the celebration - 300 likes, 300+ followers and 300+ posts. The last two were quite easy and I was waiting for the Facebook likes to reach 300 and that took this long. Phew !

Here is what you'll be getting. 8-piece gem make up tools from ELF in Purple.


8 Piece Gem Make Up Tools Set has the following

1.Tweezer with a pouch
2.Travel Mirror
3.Foundation Brush 
4.Powder Brush
5.Blush Brush
6.Nail File - Large
7.Nail File - Small
8.Kabuki Brush

The 2 eye shadow brushes were not in stock when I ordered. Yes, they are highly in demand and these are online exclusive Limited Edition tools. Aren't they totally drool-worthy? Also I din't want to unwrap the already neatly packed tools by ELF and cause any damage to those gems thus I have taken the pic above from their website.

So what are you waiting for? Here are the rules to enter the giveaway. 

Mandatory Rules
  • Like 'A Shopaholic' Facebook Page HERE 
  • Subscribe to 'A Shopaholic' 
  • Follow via GFC
  • Leave a comment below with your 
                1. Name
                2. Email ID
                3. Facebook ID and
                4.Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future?

Optional Rules for Extra Entries
  • Write/Share about the giveaway on your facebook wall tagging your friends. As many friends you tag as many entries you get.
  • If you share this once everyday then you get 1 entry/share.
The giveaway ends on 25th May 2013 11:59 PM. Entries after that won't be considered. Also, do not try to cheat as I will be checking all the entries and either you cheat or unlike the page later, your entry will be marked invalid and you will be banned from entering future giveaways !

I might add a couple of surprise gifts as well, so keep watching this space for updates. 

So as I had promised earlier, here is a surprise gift. For One person who does maximum number of tags and shares will get a Blush Brush [Purple] from the same gem collection.


Good Luck Girls :) Please spread the word and support :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Hi Aarthi,
    Congrats on the achievement ...
    My email id :
    facebook id : shweta sarawgi

    I love your reviews, they are detailed and clear , I even like your pictures. The picture speaks a thousand words. The clarity the lighting and camera are all fantastic ...

    I will love to read more about you, your FOTDs, OOTDs and personal likes and dislikes.

    Thanks for giveaway .. wish u all the best for future :)

  2. Name GFC : Sukanya
    Email :
    FB Name : Sukanya Mbl

    Entered ! Congratulation and many thanks for hosting such a cute blingy giveaway :) *fngrs crsd*

  3. i always wanted elf stuff :P hope i win this :D
    name - Poorva Bhatia
    email id -
    fb id -
    i absolutely love ur writing style and the genuineness of your posts, there is no pretence or fake-ness :)
    i think u r doing a great job as it is, keep going :) :*

  4. Hi ;-) Am new follower to ur blog :-) :-)
    My Mail id
    GFC name : Pooja raje
    Fb name: Pooja raje
    Congratz for u n ur blog:-) :-)
    Lovely giveaway :-) :-) ;-)
    Hope to win :-*

    1. fb share:

    2. Fb

  5. congrats :D way to go girl <3

    1. Name - Rekha
    2. Email ID -
    3. Facebook ID - Rekha Mohan
    4.Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future?

    I love everything about "A Shopaholic" be it EOTD's, perfume reviews or just a random "I love pink" posts :) honestly ur blog is one of my favorite and it always tops up in my "everyday read" list <3 you are awesome.. keep up the good work girl.. haa well I would love to see a follow me around shopping time picture post if possible <3 take care <3

    Face book share link -

  6. 1. Name: Divya Asha
    2. Email ID:
    3. Facebook ID: Divya Asha
    4. About 'A Shopaholic', I love your reviews. Your reviews give me a clear idea about various products. In future, I expect some posts about nail art, because I'm crazy about it.
    Shared this giveaway on my facebook profile:

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  7. Email :solarride.rivernik[at]
    GFC name : Solarride Rivernik
    Fb name: Solarride Rivernik
    New followers but I love your reviews <3
    More personal post please :>

  8. Congrats on your new milestone.

    1. Name - Sunandha V
    GFC Name - Sunu
    2. Email ID -
    3. Facebook ID -

    Juz keep on doing the same. Luv ur writing style and u have definitely influenced me to get a few stuff.

  9. Shared again on facebook:

  10. Congratulations!!!
    1. Name- Shikha
    2. Email ID-
    3. Facebook ID- shikha.shikha.355
    4. I would like to see more of product reviews and eyemakeup tutorials

  11. 1. Name: Lulu
    2. Email ID: redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com
    3. Facebook ID: Olesia Flegka
    4. I love your reviews and I would love to see some tips/reviews on skincare

  12. Congratulations Aarthi!& thank you for the giveaway....

    1. Name: Richa
    2. Email -
    3. Facebook -

  13. Name GFC : Priyamwadha Naidu
    Email :
    FB Name : Priyamwadha Naidu

    Hey Ya!
    COngrats! wat i really like s the way u review perfumes!
    Very detailed!! keep going! Kuddos

  14. Facebook- Devin Macmahon
    GFC- devin m

    Thank you so much for having this awesome giveaway!!! Something I really like about your page is that you share both beauty and fashion tips, advice and reviews. I also really love your giveaways, of course! :) I expect future posts to be about getting ready for summer both beauty and style wise. Thanks so much again.


  15. i shared today, 04/30. link-

  16. Dear Girls,

    Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway. I had to mention that if you share my face book page I wouldn't know and you have to share the post about the giveaway in Facebook. Only then your entry will be considered.

    Thank You.

  17. Name: Eva Kasapi
    FB: Eva Kasapi
    GFC: Eva

    shared :

    I expect to see more do it yourself projects...

  18. Eva
    Eva Kasapi

  19. Hey Aarthi, Congratss..and that set is the way u and girly and shimmery..amazing packaging..right ? ;)

    Already follow everywhere :)

    1. Name : Bhumika
    2. Email ID :
    3. Facebook ID: Bhumika
    4.Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future? I love ur pictures..and more so with the DSLR..and lovin the new tutorials too..I would like more of such tuts coming :)

    Shared on fb here tagging frds:

  20. Anu Walia4/5/13

    1. Name - Anu Walia, GFC Anu w
    2. Email ID -
    3. Facebook ID and - Walia Angel
    4. Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future? I like the review posts, would love to see some DIY posts aswell :)
    Fb share-

    1. Anu Walia6/5/13

    2. Anu Walia7/5/13

    3. Anu Walia9/5/13

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    7. Anu Walia15/5/13

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    11. Anu Walia21/5/13

    12. Anu Walia22/5/13

    13. Anu Walia23/5/13

    14. Anu Walia25/5/13

  21. Doreen Lamoureux
    dorcontest at gmail dot com
    facebook - Doreen lamoureux
    google friend - dorcontest

    I love anything about reviews.. especially products I have not seen before. I do love reviews on thing like masks, peels, microdermabraisions = things like that.

  22. Name: Diana Luikuo
    FB: Dia Lee
    I really love your reviews ♥

  23. gfc:anastasia k
    fb:Helen Smith
    great posts woyld be nice!

  24. Name: Joana Patrícia
    Email subscribed:
    GFC: livingbelowtheclouds
    Facebook: Joana Patrícia

    I love the reviews! :D

  25. Name: Sílvia Ferreira Carvalho
    Facebook ID: Sílvia Ferreira Carvalho
    Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future?: I would love t see more posts about nail art, nail polish!

  26. Hi! thank you so much for this awesome opportunity, I love ELF products but GEM line is not sold here in Italy!!!
    So, a little recap...
    I shared here: tagging 5 friends;
    I subscribed as;
    I am Mikk Boiadè both on FB and GFC.
    I'm not lucky on givaways but one never knows! :)

  27. name: Agnė Čepukavičiūtė
    FB name: Agnė Čepukavičiūtė
    GFC: Agnė Čepukavičiūtė

    I love all your reviews they are all so interesting and informative but what i would like to see more is DIY posts : )

  28. 1. Name Adriana Sorrentino
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    3. FB Audrey Sorrentino
    4.Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future? I like reviews, DIY tutorials and Giveaways

  29. 1. Name- Josiane Gonçalves
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    3. Facebook ID- Josiane Gonçalves
    4. I love the reviews!

    Extra Entries:

  30. 1. Name - Elena Rudaya
    2. Email ID - queen-of-pain(at)yandex . com
    3. Facebook ID - Elena Rudaya
    4. I love reviews and would like to see more of them!

  31. Name Deborah Mireles
    Email deborahkay1961 at yahoo dot com
    Facebook deborahk.mireles
    GFC candykitn

    I love the reviews, the site is well organized and easy to navigate and you have awesome giveaways of course!

  32. 1. Name - Oxana Tataru
    2. email ID -
    3. Facebook ID - Oxana Tataru
    4. I like reviewsm tutorials and Giveaways :)

  33. GFC/FACEBOOK id:patricia dias
    i really like the way YOU review perfumes!

  34. Name: Mariana Cebotari
    Facebook: Marina Hdvw
    GFC: mariana c
    i love your rewiews!

  35. facebook fb name guria rani
    GFC :husnainamjad
    name : ayesha hanif

    i love reviews and would like to see more of them... n best of luck your future..

  36. name is fb real : nicoleta ciocoiu
    I love your reviews and I would love to see some tips/reviews on skincare

  37. 1. Denise F
    3. Petiteandsweet Denise
    4. I love the REVIEWS!!

  38. This single mom of 5 who is trying to just live one day at a time due to epilepsy not being able to work Thanks you so much.
    Name Ashley Delaney
    Facebok Ashley Delaney

    Love your reviews and would love to do some reviews I have a passion for trying new things and Love the face your a very generous person
    My website is

    Thanks and God bless!!


  39. 1.GFC Fairy{oo}Mary
    3. Mary Michaela
    4.Love to see different cosmetics and skin care products reviews?

  40. Hello Aarthi,

    Thank you for such a lovely giveaway, these makeup tools are amazing! I love all the gems, so pretty!

    1. Name: Fiona Naughton
    2. Email ID:
    3. Facebook ID: Fiona Naughton
    4.Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future? I like your great and honest reviews, you showcase products that I have never heard of before and then make me want to go and buy them! I love to read face of the day posts, nail posts and DIY so they'd be great for future post in my opinion :)

    Peace & love from Ireland!
    Fiona @


  41. 1. Name-nia mendonza
    2. Email
    3. Facebook ID -glam gal
    4.Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future?-id like to see reviews and diys.thnx 4 d giveaway

  42. Indie Kaur7/5/13

    1. Name - Inderjeet K
    2. Email ID -
    3. Facebook ID - Indie Kaur
    4.Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future? Would love the reviews that you do and some nail art :)

    shared too -

  43. 1. Name: Vânia Vieira
    2. Email ID: vaniavieira6_9 (at)
    3. Facebook ID: Vânia Madureira
    4.Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future? I would like "I use it and I didn't like it" type of posts!


  44. Name GFC : oriana
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    Thanks for making this international!
    i like the reviews of makeup

  45. 1. Name - Sangeeta G
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    4. I love the new style you've adopted for your photos. Part of the review is in capturing photos that communicates the message; a photo speaks a 1000 words. Will would to see this continue.

  46. Name Preeti Gupta
    GFC crazy
    Email Id
    Facebook Id
    I love your Haul post a lot would love to see more and love to see OOTD post too.. :)

  47. Name - Shalini Srivastava
    Email ID -
    Facebook ID - simplyshalini
    Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future?
    I love your honest and humble views. I would love to see more tutorials and DIYs in future :)

  48. name Bharathi
    gfc name Bharathi TransitBeautiful
    mail -
    fb id - Bharathi TransitBeautiful
    i would love to read ur reviews on high end brands

  49. 1. Name : Nidhi
    2. Email ID :
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    I loved to read about ur kid's fashion.. plzz do those more ;)
    4. Shared & tagged 10 frndz :

  50. 1. Name: Gayatri
    2. Email ID:
    3. Facebook ID: Gayatri Ige
    Simply I luv al d reviews... I wud lyk 2 c tutorials tooo :D

  51. 1. Name: Aletha Jane Infante
    2. Email ID: alta.infante(at)
    3. Facebook ID: Alta Infante
    4. I like mostly your product reviews, and I hope you will posts your nail polish reviews. :)

  52. Name: Joanna Ladesma
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    I like your reviews because they are very detailed!

  53. Name : Isabel Almeida
    email :
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    i would love to see tutorials :D


  54. Name: Ashley Spaustat
    Facebook Name: Ashley Spaustat
    I love swatches and reviews of eyeshadows!
    Shared on Twitter:

  55. Congrats Aarthi!

    1. Prerna Sinha
    3. Prerna Sinha (
    4. I like your product reviews, hauls and OOTDs. I want to see more reviews and make-up tutorials in the future.

    15/5 FB share URL -

    1. 16/5 FB Share URL -

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      22/5 FB Share URL-

  56. 1. Slađana Sušilović
    3. Slađana Sušilović
    4. I like product reviews. I want to see more make-up tutorials.
    GFC: sladana.susilovic


  57. Hello
    Anna Lung
    my fb id:Anna Lung
    I like your videos because they help me choose some products,and I would like some natural beauty care tutorials!

  58. 1. Name : aprajita trivei
    2. Email ID:
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    this ispage is just 4 me 'coz m crazy 4 cosmetics and love to try new products and 2ndly my all time favorite shopping remains always in lime lite in this page so both of my favorite activities are here with latest updates so just love ur page.

  59. Name: Rajalakshmi Murali
    Email ID:
    Facebook ID: Rajalakshmi Murali
    I love the haul posts.. they r such a treat to the eyes. I want to see more haul posts :D

  60. name -awungshi philamazan
    fb awungshi philamazan

    would love to see nail arts <3

  61. Name: Anupama eyy
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    Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future: i would like to see more of skin care reviews and tutorials

  62. Name: Prisca Elesta
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    Facebook ID:Prisca Elesta

    What I like about 'A Shopaholic'? I love your reviews!!! (and also their swatches). Really, your reviews make me wanna buy them too lol. I also love your beauty product/makeup haul. But the one i love the most is your own 'style' in writing your blog :) Dunno why but your writing is good to be understood and not boring and also not 'fake' so i looove reading your posts.
    For the future, keep on writing good posts and more product reviews+swatches!! and EOTD pls :)

    Thanks for the giveaway :)
    Love lots.

  63. 1. Name: Chandana Tantri
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    4.Tell me what do you like about 'A Shopaholic' and what kind of posts do you expect in future?
    I always look for eye makeup tut on beauty blogs. They never bore me. So u know what I expect from here too.. :)

    FB Share link:

    By the way....thanks for the giveaway..

  64. 21/5 FB Share URL-

  65. 1. Mateja Novak
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    4. I love your reviews and I want to see more haul posts.

  66. Shamara Catama
    Email: sweetsindy93 at gmail dot com
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    I love your product reviews and would like more makeup tutorials

  67. here is my share today, 5/25

  68. entered.
    Fb - Preetha Karthik
    GFC - Preetha Karthik
    Need FOTDs, OOTDs from you Aarthi



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