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Avon Matte Nail Enamels Violetta, Red Velvet : Review, NOTD

I am not much into nail art or not too fond of trying different nail colors. I would hardly have a collection of 25 nail enamels and not more than that. Out of the ones I have I keep using some 5 colors often and that is it. When I heard the concept of matte nail colors I was a bit curious and tried a couple of shades from Avon. Not a fan of mattes and not a fan of nail colors - read on to see how much these matte nail colors scored according to me !


Avon had launched 4 shades of these matte nail enamels then and without any doubt I picked Violetta because of my love for the color. The next choice was a bit difficult as I am not a great fan of maroons but Red Velvet had some golden glitters that attracted me ! Once I got these nail enamels I rushed to try them both and to my surprise I loved Red Velvet more :D Red Velvet is more opaque and just one coat it dries immediately to a super matte finish. My only disappointment is that the glitters does not show much ! Violetta on the other hand needs two full coats [some times three] and if not applied neatly the zig zag strokes shows obviously :(

  • Matte nail enamels look as pretty as the usual glossy ones.
  • Dries to a matte finish within seconds.
  • Good shade choice available.
  • Red Velvet looks good with even one coat.
  • Easily available through Avon representatives.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Bottle is sturdy [I dropped Red Velvet like 5 times and it is still in good condition ! You can see that the base has chipped off in the pic above] 
  • No strong fragrance.

  • Neat application is necessary, else the zig-zag strokes or any last minute adjustments will show up easily after it dries.
  • Violetta needs more than 2 coats to give an opaque finish.


The price of Avon Matte Nail Enamels are Rs.135 for 8 ml. If you are lucky then you might spot this on offer for Rs.159 for 2 !


I do like the concept of matte nail colors and love the colors available too. I am not really good with nail polish application and so for a person like me the matte nail colors shows up all the adjustments I do to make it look neat :p Other than that I do not have anything to complain about these nail colors. If you want to try something different from the usual glossy ones you can give this a shot.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥ 


  1. love the violet, have it. but need to work fast or gets streaky

  2. I have always wanted to try the Avon's Matte range but M scared about the applications....U have picked up great shades! :)

    1. Thanks Richa :) You can try one shade nothing that you can't manage :)

  3. Nice one Aarthi... It streaks, isn't it? I don't like their staying power though

    1. Yaaa it streaks and I don't use any top coat and it stays for 2 days without any chipping !

  4. These are lovely shades.. :) I love matte shades.. faces too have nice collection of matte nail lacquers:)

    1. Ya Vipra, how much are the Faces ones?

  5. eee... sexy shade Aarthi. I am still an avon vi*gin ... :)

    1. Really Rashmi? Try at least one of these youll enjoy the experiment :)



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