Monday, April 1, 2013

Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy : Review

Geeee, it is April 1st and successfully my ban is over ! I did resist all these days :D and I am going for shopping with sister today :D Hope it is really huge, I want it to be HUGE, lets see how it goes. I shall keep you posted on that. Meanwhile here is a review of a product I love the most out of all the C&E products I have reviewed so far. You must read this to know how much I love the C&E Hand Therapy - I love the name ;)


Sorry for the pics of the badly squeezed tube ! You have to bear with that :p The hand therapy cream is not too thick that it melts in my skin like butter and gets absorbed instantly. I do not have to give a good massage and thus save some time while rushing out. The fragrance is mind-blowing as always and I keep sniffing my hands now and then to ensure I smell good .. lol. Seriously, I feel so confident when I smell of this hand cream ! The fragrance fades down quickly with the lasting time being 1 hour maximum however the effect lasts long. Easy to slip inside your bag and helps during travel. I leave this on my hands overnight to see soft, supple and young hands ! Does not feel very greasy so I am comfortable wearing this all day. 

  • The fragrance any day would top my likes list. I so want to try the other range as well but might still buy the rose water hand therapy.
  • Travel - friendly, easy to slip inside your bag. I usually apply this cream soon after I use a sanitizer on my hands.
  • Now C&E is available in Chennai !!! Yup in EA mall :D
  • Hand feels soft and supple after regular usage and once applied I need not worry about my dry hands, at least until I wash my hands again.
  • One of the best hand creams I have tried so far.
  • Hands does not feel greasy after applying this. 
  • I love the name - Rosewater 'Hand Therapy' :D
  • Get absorbed quickly and I need not worry about massaging for the cream to sink in.

  • I wish the fragrance stays on me for some more time and make me feel so confident for a little bit longer ;)


The smallest version of Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy costs $7 for 25 g to $30 for 250 g in a pump bottle. If I check out the store here soon will update the price in INR.


There is no single reason for me to skip this product except my laziness. I absolutely like the way it makes my skin feel - so soft and young ! Whenever I use this regularly I do see a drastic difference in the way my hands look. Having finished half of the tube I am all set to buy a back up now. It is so hard for me to compare between the L'Occitane Hand Creams and this one. I like all things that gets absorbed quickly and so L'Occitane Hand Gel scores there ! Still I would say this one is a must-have if you like to pamper your hands :)

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I don't think these are the best hand creams in terms of being heavy or moisturizing, but I still would keep this on my list of favorites...guess it's the smell and packaging..I don't know..I just like C&E a lot :D

    1. Haa Haa might be that is what makes this a favourite one :)

  2. anything of rose.. i go crazy... can understand issues with the foil tube.. even TBS ones comes like these.. just our bit towards being eco-friendly :D

    i m not definitely gonna try a luxury hand cream from C&E or l'occitane once my avon thingie gets over :)

    1. Not gonna try??

    2. definitely one rose hand cream is on the cards.. which brand is the conphusion... :D

      this one, TBS or L'occitane... :)

    3. my bad.. tat was a typo in my first comment.... i meant - ' definitely gonna try' :D

    4. might be whichever works out cheaper.

    5. Yeah I guessed the typo :D

  3. Has it opened at EA? The last I checked, it was not

  4. nice review aarthi :-) i am so fond of handcreams :-) is there a c&e store at ea ??? *happy dance* i never knew :-) i so feel that all of a sudden lots of luxury brands are coming up n Chennai :-) so happy....O:-)

    1. True Madhu I felt the same :) Good for us :D



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