Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dior Kiss Lip Gloss Cotton Candy & Candy Apple : Review, Swatch

I like picking up stuff from the airport duty free whenever I travel and this addiction has been there ever since I was a little girl [though the options were too less then !]. Unless I do that final quick shopping I don't feel like I have got enough so I make sure I reach the airport well before to do a peaceful and relaxed shopping :D During one such transit I found a box of 5 Dior Gloss and having given the other 3 to my friends and relatives I have got just 2 with me for now.


The gloss comes is a cute tiny tube that you can slip into your purse or pant pockets. If you are new to gloss then please stay away from these as these are the most sticky glosses I have tried so far. It is sooooo sticky that even if you touch it by mistake you need to rub your hands with soap for at least 2 mins to get rid of the stickiness. Also, it feels quite heavy on lips that you would always feel its presence. Cotton Candy looks like a light peach in the tube whereas Candy Apple looks like a pretty golden pink but unfortunately both turns out as a plain gloss with prominent shimmers on lips ! I wish it had some color to it as well :(

  • The tiny tube packaging.
  • Travel Friendly as it is easy to slip inside your pocket and carry along.
  • This gloss stays for a really long time as much as a lipstick would or even more !
  • If you like shimmers then these gloss have prominent shimmers to add more glamour.
  • Does not have any strong fragrance.

  • Availability.
  • Stickiness is too much and in spite of being a gloss lover I am not too happy with the stickiness.
  • Both shades transfers to the lips as a plain transparent gloss :(


THIS is the set I got from duty free and set of 5 Dior Gloss was sold for $76 with each gloss being 8 ml.


I would have really loved the gloss if it was a bit less sticky or at least a bit of color showed, but none of what I wanted was there ! The wow factor about this gloss is the brand name and the staying power but I am not so happy with just that :( It is just lying in my collection like a decoration piece and I am waiting to find some one who really loves such a gloss and I might happily pass it on to them.

Rating - ♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. We want LOTD! We want LOTD! We want LOTD ;)

    I am not a great fan of sticky glosses. Believe me, a strand of my hair ALWAYS reaches for my lips and then, that's it. The whole day, that strand will be gathering dust and pollution!

    But, I'm sure being Dior as they are, they smell great!

    1. Plain Gloss na that is why didn't do an LOTD ! The hair story happens to everyone I guess ;)

  2. Even I bought these, and now I regret! :(



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