Saturday, April 6, 2013

Forest Essentials Indian Rose Absolute Hand & Body Lotion : Review, Swatch

Forest Essentials has become one of my favorite brand after trying so many products from them- be it skin or hair care I really liked them a lot. This hand and body lotion did an amazing job during winters and whenever I went to hill stations for a vacation this was a savior for my dry skin. Now I have a big list of products to be bought from Forest Essentials and hopefully I will at least buy a couple of them pretty soon.

This review was requested by Bhumika :)


The lotion is quite thick and takes a good massage to get absorbed completely into the skin. I do not mind this massaging as it makes my super dry skin look pretty good and moisturized too. I need not worry about moisturizing the skin until next day ! I did not experience any firming as mentioned in the bottle however I am pretty happy with the way it makes my skin supple. I always take generous amount of body lotion but in spite of that there is 3/4 th of the lotion still left in the bottle. The only thing that bothers me a lot is the fragrance. Man, it is so heavy and smells of rose. I do not like the fragrance of rose and this strong smell is unbearable too. I wish the fragrance was mild and soothing.

  • The lotion makes my dry skin supple.
  • One bottle lasts for a very long time, in spite of using generously.
  • Look at the ingredients list !
  • I can feel the smell even after 2 hours of application !
  • Travel friendly.
  • Easy to use packaging.
  • Best suits dry - normal skin.


  • Fragrance is too strong and this particular fragrance is not my kind at all ! Once I apply this on my skin the entire room smells of rose and I feel like running away from myself :(
  • The lotion takes some time to get absorbed by the skin.


This tiny bottle came as a part of a kit. The individual bottle of Forest Essentials Indian Rose Absolute Hand & Body Lotion costs Rs.775 for 200 ml.


The Forest Essential Indian Rose Absolute Hand and Body Lotion is my absolute favorite minus the fragrance. I would have definitely repurchased this one if the fragrance was a bit more subtle. Other than TBS Body Butters this is the only product that really pampered my dry skin, especially during travel and winters. At least for now I am taking a break and might buy this for next winters.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. i lov FE products aarthi

    1. Really Pree, I so want to buy a day cream plus sunscreen and few hair care products too :)

  2. Strong fragrance..oops..

    1. It is really strong Bhumika :(

  3. great product... this looks like a good buy.. I wanna try it :)

    1. Sniff it at the store first Nidsy :)



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