Thursday, April 25, 2013

Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream : Review

I have dry skin and I can't imagine a single day without a moisturizer ! I keep trying different moisturizers for different seasons. Since summer is at its peak now I tried to find a very light moisturizer for my skin and that is when I spotted this Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream that I was lying around in my draw. I opened and tried to find if it was light and moisturizing enough at the same time. Read further to know how this moisturizer worked for me.


The Johnson's 24 hour moisture soft cream comes in a tub packaging that is a bit heavy to be carried along ! I prefer tube packaging during travel. The fragrance is mild but quite different from the usual Johnson's cream fragrance. The moisturizer is light both texture and formula wise. I have to apply it twice - morning and night to keep the skin supple. I do not mind that because it does not make my skin feel greasy in this hot summer and blends instantly in to the skin.

  • Love the mild fragrance.
  • Claims to have shea butter.
  • It is light and thus suits summers well.
  • It does not make the skin greasy at all.
  • Gets absorbed instantly.
  • Leaves the skin soft and supple.
  • Pretty white and pink packaging.

  • Availability.
  • I have to apply this twice even in summers so the 24 hour claim is false !


The price of Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream was < Rs.250 for 100 ml. I just vaguely remember the price as I got this long back from Dubai.


The Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream is exactly what I want for this summer. I wish the effect lasted for one whole day, but no :( Since I apply it twice every day I might finish this tub in just 1 months time and I can't repurchase as it is not available here. I do not use this on my face and don't intend to use it as well. It does a good job for the price and I will definitely re purchase if I find it here in India, of course for next summer only.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥ 


  1. ur pics make me fall in lov wid ur blog aarthi..< jus staring at the clicks

    1. :D :D Thanks a lot Pree :D :D but I have to improve a loooooooot !

  2. Johnson's remind me of bachpan :) :) .... Lovely clicks ! I didnt see these tubs in India... !

    1. Thanks Rashmi :) We get similar tubs here but not this cream :(

  3. I love johnson's smell... I was telling you abt that crabtree body lotion na.. I'm absolutely in love with it

    1. Wow...Which variant did you buy?

    2. I got the jojoba oil one.. That too the pump version.. I hate it when I have to put my fingers in a tub / jar.. I have normal skin.. So don't know how it would work on dry skin

    3. I like pump dispensers too :) I am trying not to go that side :(



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