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Chanel Glossimer Intense Radiance Lip Gloss 158 Braise : Review, Swatch, LOTD

Chanel Glossimer is my first lip gloss from the brand Chanel. Though I boast to be a gloss person, it came as a surprise to myself that I first got a lipstick from Chanel and not a gloss ! I didn't see for any reviews or feedback before, but I just got this gloss instantly. The color is quite unusual in my collection and that adds more prettiness to the other glosses I have lined up inside my make up draw. Read on to see what made this gloss so different from others.


The gloss seems to be a part of the collection launched for this fall. The gloss looks like a brick reddish brown shade with golden and copper shimmers in it. The gloss is very sheer and leaves a very light tint of color on my pigmented lips. Obviously it does not cover pigmentation but when topped on a lipstick [just any lipstick] it looks great. Not a usual shade in my collection but absolutely loving it ! Something that I have been dying to tell you all is that this gloss is absolutely non-sticky ! Yes, you heard it right - ABSOLUTELY NON-STICKY !!! and in spite of that it stays on my lips for more than 4 hrs.

  • The gloss is absolutely non-sticky.
  • Being a non-sticky gloss it stays on my lips for 4+ hours.
  • The applicator is super soft on my lips.
  • The gloss is almost sheer with obvious glitters that works amazingly when topped on any lipstick.
  • The super lengthy tube has a good amount of product.
  • The glitters do no spread around the lips.
  • No strong fragrance.

  • I just wished it had little color to it than being a sheer gloss !


The price of Chanel Glossimer Intense Radiance Lip Gloss are Rs.1700 for 5.5 g.




The Chanel Glossimer lip gloss must have been a dream for many, especially the ones who wanted a totally non-sticky lip gloss that would last long on their lips ! I never knew such a combination ever existed until I started using this. I love glitters so there is nothing I dislike about this gloss, I just feel ashamed to call myself a gloss person and having not tried such an awesome product all this while ! Be a gloss person or a lipstick person, if you try this then you can't leave it back at the counters.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Nice review Aarthi :) the shimmers looks so subtle on your lips...

  2. This looks really nice! And completely non sticky? Whoaa! I want it too now :D
    I read somewhere that Chanel's lip glosses contain lead.. Is that true?

    1. Is that so? I'll do the research now and let you know Neha !

  3. i have a nude pink color from the same range and i absolutely love it
    guess chanel really knows to nail it down

  4. Im not a gloss person just because I hate the stickiness :( this one looks sooper sheer na.. I want to try their lipsticks :D any suggestions on brown or nude shades Aarts? btw I so love the pics <3

    1. I haven't tried many from Chanel Reks.. From what I know the Rouge Coco range is good..I am yet to explore the Rouge Allure ones. Some nice brown/nudes from Rouge Coco are Cashemere and Secret. Try the shades Organdi Rose and Camelia too - not browns but you might like them !

    2. sooper.. noted.. thankies <3

    3. Let me know if you buy one Reks :)



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