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Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector : Review, Swatch, Comparison

I loved the Maybelline BB Cream but my skin didn't ! Read the real long sad story HERE. To put the sad story to an end I started looking out for other BB creams in the market and then I came across the Garnier BB Cream. I read a couple of good reviews and I bought the smaller version to try it out first. I might try the Ponds BB cream next - yes the BB Cream fever caught me too ! I feel it makes life so easy especially during summers. 


The Garnier BB Cream is neither too thick nor runny but in a consistency that is so easy to spread and apply all over the face and neck. The coverage is almost sheer that can help you for everyday use and nothing more than that ! However this one did not break me out but I am not very happy with the coverage at all. My combination skin definitely needs a moisturizer beneath this BB Cream that makes this NOT my to-go BB Cream. It does not impart any healthy glow or shine which is a mandatory quality I look in any product that goes on my face !

  • Easy to apply BB Cream.
  • Very light on pocket.
  • Gives a light even coverage and skin looks even.
  • It has SPF 24
  • It did not break me out !
  • Dermatologically tested. 
  • Travel-friendly.

  • It looks very dry and matte on me.
  • No glow or shine.
  • I need a moisturizer beneath.
  • Very light coverage, does not cover marks, scars or anything of that sort.
  • Only one shade available. I doubt if that would suit all !


The price of Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector is Rs.99 for 18 g. It is also available for Rs.199 for 40 g.


The Maybelline BB cream never left my skin dry nor did I need a moisturizer whereas I can't use the Garnier one on my bare face. Also the Maybelline one's coverage was better than the Garnier one and this is definitely not a miracle skin perfector! Garnier BB Cream might suit young girls whose skin is almost problem free. Girls with oily skin might like this one as it gives a super matte finish. However the search for the right BB Cream for my skin is still on. 

Rating - ♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Am still seaching to, btw loved the pics and narrative :)

  2. Oops.. Bad that it dried out your skin. I am definitely not trying out this product at all. Thanks for the nice review Aarthi :)

    1. Glad it helped you Lancy :)

  3. this one quite worked for my combination skin as I was looking for a product that evens out my skin tone rather thn coverage. Nice review :)

    1. I did expect a bit of coverage too so I was disappointed !

  4. Anu Walia19/5/13

    It worked for me..i use it as my daily makeup base :)

    1. Good that it works for you Anu :)

  5. I liked this better than the Maybelline one Aarts.. u shud try the skin 79 ones.. those are pretty good.. definitely not pocket friendly though!

    1. Ya, it depends on ones skin type and what one needs from a BB cream Reks :) I might be trying the Ponds one next !

  6. i have tried both . didnt like them much . have you tried the pond's bb cream aarthi?

    1. Not yet dear. It is next on my list :)

  7. superb pics aarthi..<3



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