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MAC Archie's Girls Collection Mall Madness [Veronica] Lip Glass : Review, Swatch, LOTD

By now you would have known what I picked up from MAC Archie's Girls Collection - Prom Princess Blush and Mall Madness Lip Glass. All matching matching ;) and I didn't have the heart to let Daddy's Little Girl Lipstick go but I had to ! I totally love this violet-pink color in all the three products which is something unusual in my collection and suits me well too. This combo is absolutely a pretty addition and I just love the way it looks in my make up organizer.


The shade of Mall Madness Lip Glass is described as "midtone pink violet" and it has golden shimmers that I love. This has the trade mark MAC Lip Glass fragrance and that feels really nice as it goes right under my nose. This lip glass is little pigmented and as I wear this on my lips the shimmers do not show much. The lip glass feels so light on my lips as it is not very sticky. Being a gloss person I have tried really sticky gloss and trust me this is just nothing. I am totally comfortable wearing it. The color fades down pretty quickly say in 30 mins and it just looks like a clear gloss on my lips. The glossiness stays for the next 3 hours !

Hope you can see the golden glitters ..

The name is so apt..

  • The packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I have to mention about all those little red hearts here and there.
  • Fragrance is really sweet and mild.
  • Not very sticky.
  • Stays for good 3 hours on my lips with such little stickiness !
  • Color is very pretty and compliments most Indian skin tones.
  • Feels very light on lips.
  • Golden glitters are very subtle when worn.
  • Applicator is good.


  • The pinkish violet shade fades down pretty quickly [30 mins max] and it just looks like a plain gloss on my pigmented lips !


The price of MAC Archie's Girls Collection Mall Madness Lip Glass is Rs.1100 for 4.8 g.



The shade of the Mall Madness Lip Glass is absolutely pretty. I actually planned for Kiss and Don't Tell but tried everything that was there and ended up buying this ! I love the way it feels on my lips - so light and comfortable. I wish the color stayed on me for a bit longer time, also I am not sure if this happened only to my pigmented lips or just to everybody else as well. This lip glass is definitely going to be a pretty one in my gloss collection.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Replies
    1. It would look amazing on you Bhumika :)

  2. gloss looks gorge :) likes likes..

    1. Me too Me too Gowthami :)

  3. Love the colour :). I don't like glosses much since they're sticky almost all the time, but this looks like a good non-sticky one!

    1. Since I am a gloss person I do not mind this stickiness but if you hate stickiness then better you try this before buying Neha :)

  4. Me too was confused with this $ kiss and don't tell, i ended up with kiss $ don't tell.. :D nice review :)

  5. Pretty such an sparkling shade <3 it WOW! You have really grt collection i want all of them LOl :P Such a pretty shades I need this. Absolutely stunning. I love light colors lipglosses. This is definitely finding a new collection for me! Love it Aarthi Thanks for sharing :) I really really love to spend my tym here :)

    1. Thank you so so so so so much Afsana :) I am very happy :)



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