Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shopping Tips 1 - How to choose the right shopping mall for you?

I never thought I will do a post like this ! Ya, because I never thought Chennai would get so many shopping malls in just 1 years time or even less. Until early last year there were just 2 malls - Spencers and City Center. Now there are the huge and happening Express Avenue that has opened followed by the Ampa Sky Walk, Ramee Mall, Phoenix Market City and Forum Mall. More than a couple of malls are expected to open by this year end and I thought doing this post is very necessary [might be helpful too]. Also from a shopaholic like me, it is so apt :)

  • First of all make it clear on what do you expect from a mall - make up stores, clothing outlets, accessories or something else. 
  • Once you get an idea about their launch date, take some time to see reviews about the mall. From my experience it takes a month easily for every mall to function normally and it takes the same time for at least half of the shops in the mall to open. So take some time to know better about the mall.
  • If you are totally free and you can't wait then it is better you visit the mall during a weekday [to avoid the crowd] and you can have a glance at the shops opened and to be opened.
  • Choose the one that is more close to your place and at the same time that has more shops of your concern. 
  • For an Example -I prefer Express Avenue as the MAC MUAs at EA are more friendly and also it has INGLOT and Lush but Phoenix is closer to my place ! So Phoenix would always be my second choice.
  • If you are visiting a mall that is very new then your purpose should be pretty much window shopping.
  • Choose the biggest of all the mall as even if one shop disappoints you the other one would not.
  • From what I noticed the newly opened malls have better stock and have neatly arranged stuff. This is one reason I go to Phoenix - for its Max and Lifestyle stores where I can shop peacefully and the collection is all fresh, new and good !
  • If you are driving yourself then look for the one that has good parking space. The Ampa Sky Walk parking area sucks !
So here are some key words to remember before to decide upon a mall to shop -
  • Size of the mall.
  • Choose a weekday.
  • Closer from your place.
  • Brands you are looking for.
  • Newly opened mall for good stock.

Guess I pretty much covered all important points I remember for now. If you have any tips to share please feel free to share it in the comments section below.

So how do you decide on which mall to visit?

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. immensely useful post.... true.. ampa's parking sucks!

    1. Glad you like it Revathy :)

  2. EA is closer from my place .. I am planning to do some TBS shopping this week :) Nice post btw!

    1. You are really lucky Lancy :) Happy Shopping :)

  3. I stay at Ambattur, so all malls are quite far off :( The closest to my place is Ampa Skywalk and I don't prefer it much. Parking is a pain and moreover the play area is very small. We (or rather my kids 5 and 8 year olds) prefer City Center or EA. Have you been to the Ramee mall? We went there within a couple of months of its opening, but lot of stores were yet to open (I remember seeing a MAC there).

    1. Ramee Mall has shoppers stop, mac and kryolan. Since that is a very small one I don't go there often ! Only if I have to buy something from Kryolan I go there.



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