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INGLOT Palettes 3 Round, 5 Round, 5 Square : Review, Collection

There are very few brands that I trust a lot for almost all their products and INGLOT is one among them. I confidently walk into their stores and pick stuff I like without anyone's suggestions or reading any reviews. So far all products I bought have turned out to be really good. As much as I love their cosmetics I love their palettes too. Yes, this post is all about my INGLOT palettes and how good and essential they are in your make up storage ! We have just one INGLOT store in Chennai and I wish we get more stores here soon.


INGLOT palettes come is different sizes and 2 shapes - square and round for eye shadows and round ones for the lipsticks. These palettes are available in the following size
  • 3 rounds, 5 rounds, 10 rounds
  • 4 square, 5 square, 20 square, 40 square
  • I have also seen other palettes that can accommodate a blush, eye shadow, etc something that you can customize yourself. Please enlighten me if they are available in other different forms as well.
I have the 3 round palette filled with my eye shadow, 5 square palette with my eye shadows again and 5 round with my lipsticks :) The base of these palettes are super sturdy and the magnetic lids are equally strong. The rounds and squares in the base are magnetic that can perfectly hold and accommodate the refills. The 3 round palette I have is their old palette that comes with a mirror along with a space for a brush and the new ones don't have these :( 

Tightly stuck on to each other !

  • The palettes are super sturdy.
  • The magnets are strong and intact.
  • Available in different sizes and shapes based on our needs.
  • Makes it so convenient for us to form our own palette.
  • Easily available.
  • Easy to pick and drop the refills back in the palette.

  • Unlike the old ones the new palettes don't come with a mirror or with a provision to store the brush :(
  • The old palette's base is non-magnetic !! Not a dislike but I just wish one palette had all the features - magnetic base, mirror and brush holder :)


The price of 
  • 3 Round Palette is Rs.360 
  • 5 Round Palette is Rs.480 [Non Magnetic Old One], Rs.850 [Magnetic New One]
  • 5 Square Palette is Rs.850


The INGLOT palettes are totally a must-have for me and I do not mind spending for these palettes. I feel when you spend for your cosmetics it is wise to spend for its safety and storage as well. Even if I buy new refills I will definitely buy the palettes along. I am not a DIY person and I really don't have the patience to make one palette myself. Even if I make one I wouldn't be as happy and satisfied I am with these INGLOT palettes any day ! If the price really bothers you wait and buy them during their offer time as I do :)

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Nice review Aarthi! :) I will wait for a good offer to get these..

  2. nice shades... lip palette looks interesting

  3. Love your inglot collection Aarthi :)

  4. Longing for an Inglot palette...

    1. I guess they are on offer now at majorbrands Ash ! Get them !

    2. surely will get then.. Thanks Aarthi..

  5. I really like the colour combination in this palette, very wearable shades indeed! I did not know about them before so thanks so much for sharing Aarthi! <3 it

    1. These are so affordable and worth the price Afsana :)



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