Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7 Must Have Bags For You !

Bags / Handbags have become an important part of our everyday routine. When I used to work I keep changing my handbags very often as to match my outfit. So I had a really huge collection of handbags in different colors and prints. After I quit my job I didn't have an option to go out everyday so I started restricting myself from buying bags. Now, after a couple of years I have again started buying bags like crazy and so here is a post on some must have handbags ! If you are starting your collection then this post would really help you :)


Black Handbag

The first place in my list goes to a simple black hand bag or a black handbag in your style. This comes so handy when you are left confused on which handbag would go with your outfit. Most of the time my black handbag becomes my savior - while I am rushing, while I don't know what to pair with my outfit and on a very casual day ! I always have at least a couple of black handbags with me and now I have one in Guess, Espirit and Burberry - Shown HERE.

Beach Bag

A colorful beach bag is a must have especially for Chennai-ties ;) It becomes mess free to carry a separate bag for beach with the necessary things like a sunglass, sunscreen, beach wear and hat. Bags made of straws are pretty common beach bags. Though I don't have one for myself, I am planning to buy one super soon !


Leather Bag

A simple leather bag is always a great buy and becomes a office-goers best friend. Though I am not a huge fan of leather bags, recently I am eyeing Hidesign bags as they have come up with some great color options and trendy designs. Leather bags needs a bit of maintenance but still it would make your collection complete. 


Sling Bags

Sling bags makes your casual visits to mall so easy-peasy as you need not carry your usual handbag that has loads of things stuffed inside. Just pop in all the necessary items in to your sling bag like your wallet, shopping cards, hair brush and a lipstick might be and you are ready to go shopping for long hours with out your shoulders aching !



Clutches are so much in trend now that the variety starts from very simple ones to blingy ones for party and those with heavy work to go with sarees ! I have all of them in different colors to suit different occasions and outfits. I have shared one HERE.

Back Pack

A back pack comes so handy during travel and also lessens the weight on one shoulder that happens with hand bags ! Whenever I am travelling my hand luggage would be a easy to carry around back pack. I just have 1 back pack for me and 1 for my daughter :) I am planning to buy one more as I am travelling more these days and I can't plan a trip without a back pack.


Something for YOU

Though almost all of the above listed bags go based on your choice and style, sometimes we do go crazy about a particular bag and we carry it along just because we like it so much. I never resist such temptations and most of my bags fall under this category ;) Pink is my favorite color so whenever I see a really pretty bag in pink I just buy them. You can see one HERE. Also colorful bags attract my attention :D

These are my 7 must have bags and thus my suggestion for you. What do you have to suggest for me?

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. oh wow i m too crazy about bags n clutches really such a nyc post :)

  2. i always keep drooling over n splurging on bags..loved ur suggestins :)



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