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How to get ready for monsoons?

Being in Chennai I know this post is a bit early, however it is apt for other regions where monsoons are playing peek-a-boo now and then. When I was having a casual conversation with a friend she mentioned about how ignorant she is when it comes to dressing up or getting ready during monsoons. That is when it clicked me even I was doing the same, probably because of the thought that I might get wet in the rains and more chances of my clothes getting dirty and ruined. I thought I should enjoy the monsoons as much as I enjoyed the summer by dressing accordingly. So I am sharing my ideas on how I am going to prepare myself and my wardrobe for the monsoons :)

Clicked during last Monsoons :)

Must - Haves

Whether you like it or not the first step to enjoy the monsoons is by carrying an umbrella or a rain coat to stay away from rain water. Personally I don't like wearing rain coats however trendy and colorful it is and also for the fact that storage becomes a bit difficult. Umbrellas are my choice and they are available in different sizes starting from the smallest ones that fits into your hand bag comfortably. Make sure those small ones are rigid ones too. I saw some awesome umbrellas at United Colors of Benetton, Espirit and freebies from brands like L'Oreal, Lakme, Maybelline and Bourjois.



It is wise to wear knee length pants or capris rather than wearing full pants and skirts ! Heavy winds would make you get confused on what to control first - flying umbrella or the flying skirts ;) Avoid materials like jeans and corduroys that will absorb all the dirty rain water and pull the pants down. Bright colored tops and short dresses in monsoon friendly materials like lycra, polyster and crepes that doesn't absorb water are good options too. Don't go for colors like white which would become very transparent if you get wet ! Layering your clothes is a great option this season. Office-goers can try pretty trench coats and my favorites ones are from Burberry :)



Avoid leather shoes and try the ones with rubber soles that has good grip. These days we have so many options from Bata's colorful ballerinas, flip-flops, floaters and crocs of course. I am a fan of Ballerinas and I am planning to buy at least 3-4 pairs of them is different colors. If you love wearing boots/gumboots then this is a good time to try them. I have never had more than a pair of boots with me any day but my sister loves them.



Going too blingy is not my choice. I would rather go for things made of plastic and rubber that are monsoons best friends. Swatch has good range of rubber watches that are water proof too ! Also those colorful plastic chains hanging around in the malls would definitely find a new home this season. The same rule goes with your bags, hide all your leather bags inside and get new water proof ones to safe guard all the make up and money in your hand bag ;)


Hair and Make Up

Last but not the least comes your hair and make up. My hair is gonna go totally frizzy like that of Monica's in FRIENDS. Ya, I looooooooooooooove FRIENDS :D Well, who doesn't ? You are going to spot me with messy buns or pony tails through out this season. Also try avoiding ironing or blow drying your hair which would make your hair super pathetic due to the moisture in the atmosphere. Try to go with water proof make up, especially mascaras - you know why ! Also be prepared for frequent touch ups and carry things required accordingly. Try all musky and floral notes in your fragrances if you are still new to them in this season.


Hope you liked the post. Do share how you will style yourself during the monsoon?


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  1. It's an amazing post...well now i am cheering these magical drops to come and fill our life with the joy . RAIN RAIN ~~~



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