Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 2013 Haul - From 9 Different Brands !

This month I did go a bit crazy with the sale season everywhere. I am glad I spent more on clothing, shoes and accessories than make up this time. Yesterday when I gathered all that I got this month it did look a little huge !! I never planned to buy so much but I ended up doing so. Thinking if I should go on a ban next month ! It is a question of "Can I?" than "Should I?" If I do then September haul would be a guilt free one. I am yet to decide and meanwhile do enjoy this month's haul post.

July 2013 Haul

You can see that I did buy a lot of nail colors this month !! The Bourjois blue was such a pretty shade that I couldn't resist at all. The Revlon Nail Art colors were tempting too, so got one from the Neon range, one from Expressionist range and one from the Moon Candy range too :) Ordered 2 Maybelline Nail Enamels from Jabong - Graus and Absinto :D. I got a 25% off on my total bill :D

Revlon Nail Enamel - Rs.300 each
Bourjois Nail Enamel - Rs.470
Maybelline Nail Enamel - Rs.100 Rs.75 each

July 2013 Haul 

For a really long time I have been looking at these pretty looking lipstick and gloss from Accessorize. This month I gave in to the temptation and the got the lipstick in the shade - Head Over Heels and gloss in shade 3 from Jabong again.

Accessorize Lipstick - Rs.700 Rs.525
Accessorize Gloss - Rs.650 Rs.487.50

Later in the month I visited Bangalore from where we planned a short trip to Coorg - Few pics shared HERE. I enjoyed shopping a bit with my best friend and hogging food at Nandos and Krispy Kreme. I wish I go there again soon. 

My friend used to rave about a particular product from Faces and she insisted I buy it from the stand alone store at Bangalore. It is nothing but the Faces Metaliglow - they have changed the tub packaging to a tiny bottle ! She also gave me these LE Clean & Clear Oil Control Film in Pink Grapefruit.

Faces Metali Glow - Rs.699

Now comes my favorite brands - Forest Essentials have gained all my points when it comes to hair care. I really really really want to do a separate post on my hair care routine and how beautiful the transformation is ! I had bought the small sized bottles of Bhring Raj Oil [Reviewed HERE], Hair Cleanser and Conditioner [Shown HERE] and I used up all of them. So this month I got the full sized bottles of my 3 HG products from Forest Essentials.

Bhring Raj Oil - Rs.925
Hair Cleanser - Rs.680
Hair Conditioner - Rs.780

My brushes were going really really dirty and I wanted a quick fix, as sometimes I am too lazy for the thorough cleaning of my brushes. So I headed to the MAC store to buy the brush cleanser. I didn't like to carry just a MAC product alone, so my 2nd brush MAC 239 came along ;)

Brush Cleanser - Rs.650
MAC 239 - Rs.1750

I also bought a pretty little cute stuff from Claire's worth Rs.500 ! Forgot to click a pic, so will show you later :p

I really enjoyed shopping this month and I did shop a lot ! I might go on a ban next month !

This Month
Total Amount Spent - Rs.8516.50 !! [I am going on a ban :( ]
Total Amount Saved - Rs.387.50 :( [Peanuts Man !]
Best Buys - Shut Up ! I am Depressed ! Well, if you insist then MAC, FE and Bourjois ;)

Happy [Guilt-Free] Shopping :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Brush cleanser is in my wishlist too :)

    1. Got it after a long wait Pari !

  2. Grt haul!! Nyc picks :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Gowthami :)

  4. drooling over ur haul... mac brush cleanser is always oos here :(

    1. Same here Revathy.. I asked him like 3 times already and this time I went with a fixed mind that it would be OOS only but surprisingly he had one !

  5. Amazing Haul...You have picked up some really great stuff! :)

    1. Thank you Richa.. You are making me feel a little better now :)

  6. Awesome haul Aarthi! I am looking forward to getting my hands on some Forest Essentials products soon... I will wait for your review :)

    LOL at the accounting bit :P

    1. Sure Supria. I have already reviewed half a dozen of FE products. Do check them out here.

      Ya, I do that accounting thing every month :p

  7. i loved your haul and what i loved most was your summary was your bill in the end. How cute! :)

  8. this is the only reason I never calculate how much I spend in a month on shopping. It make me feel guilty and I can't survive ban..

    1. Shikha I do this so that I would think before buying any unnecessary stuff next time.



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