Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm 05 Quenched : Photos, Review, Swatch

Sometimes we do crazy shopping and I do it most of the times :p It is not always we feel like buying something in all colors or variants available ! When I saw these Baby Lips version launched overseas I wanted them in all the 6 colors. I begged my sis to get all of them and you can see the post about that crazy shopping HERE. I never bought the boring ones launched in India ! I used to have more than 5 lips balms at any point of time but I never used them [except the Burts Bees] So initially I was not sure if I would use these but once I had these in my hands I couldn't ignore them at all.

Maybelline Baby Lips - Quenched


The best part about these lip balms are the packaging and colors ! They are truly so wow. 05 Quenched comes with a blue opaque base that holds the lip balm and a transparent lid with pink letters on it. Colors are so cute ! The lip balm however goes sheer on my lips, leaving just a shine. It smells like a lemonade and I feel like sniffing it now and then. On lips the smell vanishes pretty quickly. It claims to have SPF 20. It keeps my lips soft and supple until the balm stays on my lips - which will be 2-3 hours maximum. A decent lip balm I would say and don't expect this to do any miracles.

Maybelline Baby Lips - Quenched

  • The packaging - transparent lid and the color mix and match. I can cuddle and sleep with this one ;)
  • It smells like a lemonade.
  • Keeps my lips soft and supple.
  • Preps my lips before I apply matte lipsticks.
  • Contains SPF 20.
  • Many variants available.
  • Leaves a subtle shine on lips.

  • Wish the fragrance stayed on my lips too.
  • These are not available in India.
  • The lip balms just helps temporarily until it stays on the lips. 

Maybelline Baby Lips - Quenched


The Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms costs $3 for 4.4 g.

Maybelline Baby Lips - Quenched

Maybelline Baby Lips Quenched - Swatch


The Maybelline Baby Lips are one of the few good and affordable lip balms in the market. However the one reviewed here is not available in India. The scent is totally adorable. If your lips are super dry then this one wouldn't help much. If you just need to prep your lips a little at the last minute then this lip balm would be good. It claims to have SPF 20 and that is definitely an added advantage. I am using these lip balms and loving them.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Nyc review!! I have this balm and i love it :)

  2. OMG! These look adorable :) Nice review Aarthi :D



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