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Maybelline Colorama Cremoso Nail Enamel Noite Quente : Photos, Review, NOTD

Maybelline Nail Enamels will always be in my collection. Even if I don't buy them every month there would always be one shade that I feel like buying whenever I see them arranged in their counters ! I am yet to try their pretty corals however I have tried a couple of purples, green and pinks so far. The shade I am reviewing today is the 2nd purple Maybelline Nail Enamel after the first and much popular shade Roxo Metalico - NOTD HERE

Maybelline Colorama Nail Enamel - Noite Quente


Maybelline Colorama Nail Enamel has different variants like the cremoso and artistica ones. The shade Noite Quente falls under the cremoso range and this is my first nail color from that range. The shade looks like a creamy deep violet shade when compared to Roxo Metalico that is more shiny with pink shimmers. The color is super dark and thick that all I need is just one single coat. I love how bright and attractive the color is and this was picked by my daughter :p This is one of the new shades launched late last year and I will definitely wear this when my nails are long and healthy !

Maybelline Colorama Nail Enamel - Noite Quente

  • The deep purple shade itself !
  • How bright and attractive it is.
  • I need just one coat for an opaque finish.
  • Lasts without any chipping for 3 days.
  • The shine stays for 1-2 days.
  • Easy to apply.

  • Not a dislike actually - since the shade is bright and catchy I have to wear it only when my nails are in a good healthy condition !

Maybelline Colorama Nail Enamel - Noite Quente - NOTD


The cost of Maybelline Colorama Nail Enamels are Rs.100 for 8 ml. They were initially Rs.80 and few months back they have increased their price to Rs.100 !


I am a huge fan of Maybelline lipsticks and nail enamels just for the amazing quality they provide at an affordable price. I had nothing in my mind when I picked this up - in fact my daughter picked this shade randomly and I couldn't stop her. Only after I applied it on my nails I found how pretty the shade is. Though I have many purple nail enamels this one will be a unique shade in my collection that would instantly brighten up my nails and fingers :)

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥



  1. I have always wondered about this shade but never got it...It's a very beautiful shade... :)

    1. It is amazing Richa.. Wonder why Roxo Metalico got all the credits !!

  2. this is definitely a wonderful shade Aarthi :) I am so getting this for sure <3

    1. Reks this is amazing.. you should should should buy this :)

  3. I have not tried the maybelline nail enamels... this shade is really nice though, a change from the usual pinks n corals!

    1. Very true and the shade just grabs all attention !!

  4. Thanks for sharing Nyc color :)



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