Monday, July 8, 2013

My New Love ♥ - Instagram

I am travelling right now and I am totally in love with Instagram. Well, not just now even before that I enjoyed 'Instagramming' - if that is what you call that. You must try it to know how fun it is. Though people around me give that look when I click all odd things in life - but ya it makes even the odd things look pretty ;) If you are not yet there c'mon it is never too late and you can find me as aarthi_shopaholic. If you love clicking pics then you would definitely get addicted to it ;) Here are few of my clicks in Instagram.

My Lunch on a bored Weekend !

What can you expect?

Just all pretty things I see around me - nature, food, make up, cosmetics, just anything and everything I like :)

Random NOTD

While packing things for my trip !

You get updates instantly if you follow me here :)

Finally I gave in to the temptation :D

My First LV :)

I found a few of you already, the rest please follow me here- I would love to see your clicks too :)

Happy Instagramming :D

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Nice Pictures.. You got lovely nails .. Me too got addicted to Instagram lately :D

  2. Great Pics dear! The LV clutch is really awesome! :)

  3. Love the pics and clutch is cools :)



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