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Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipsticks Vs Maybelline Super Stay Lipsticks : Photos, Comparison, Swatches

When a revolutionary [not really - :p] okay.. When a unique or a different product is launched in the market it is quite natural for the other brands to come up with a similar product. Best example for that is the BB Creams ! You can find more than a dozen of BB Creams in the market today. Also the launch of Maybelline Colossal Kajal was followed by Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. As Maybelline launched their Super Stay 14 Hr Lipsticks Revlon came up with their Ultimate Suede Lipsticks !! Today I am comparing these two and sharing my views on which one worked better on me. 

Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipstick Vs Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick

Let me take few features into consideration on which we look into usually while buying lip colors.

Packaging - I really like Revlon's packaging and that is all I love about it ! Since the packaging is color coded it is easy to spot the shades if you have bought more than 1 shade (by mistake) for yourself. I do like the packaging of Maybelline Super Stay lipsticks too however on a comparative scale Revlon scores !

Initial Impression - Revlon scores here again as soon after I apply these on my lips, it looks shiny like the non-matte ones but that lasts for only a few minutes :( That is how I was fooled and ended up buying this one ! Maybelline ones look super dry in the tube it self and so I never dared to buy them at all. Both lipsticks are matte but these are harsh mattes.

Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipstick

Staying Power - I really have to talk a lot about it here. Being long stay lipsticks both the lip colors stay for the whole day on my lips but the Revlon one sucks in all the moisture from my lips making the lips look all dry and flaky so I removed it immediately ! Whereas Maybelline one works with a balm underneath on my dry lips and also when my lips are in good condition. If I wear these in the morning I can see the color till night !!

Drying - Having already said that both the lipsticks are drying Revlon makes my lips pain !! Yes, you heard it right - my lips ache in 1 Hour after application. I never dared to touch the Revlon lipstick ever again. I don't usually prefer any of these as these are super drying but the Maybelline's colors are so pretty that I wear them very rarely just for the color. Of course I have to prepare my lips before that.

Pigmentation - Both the lipsticks are well pigmented however I feel Maybelline has better color pay off that it covers my pigmented lips completely in one swipe. Revlon covers pigmentation too but I need a couple of swipes for the same.

Pricing - Revlon Lipstick costs Rs.650 for 2.55 g and Maybelline Super Stay ones are sold for Rs.525 for 3.3 g. It is so obvious that Maybelline ones are more cost effective and they offer more product for lesser price.

Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick

You can see the full review of the 
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Swatches - Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipstick and Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick

Swatches the next day morning !

If you have well maintained lips and you like matte lipsticks then you can try the Maybelline Super Stay Lipsticks. Also if you need some pretty colors in your collection again Maybelline ones would impress you a lot. I don't have anything personal against Revlon :p but trust me how much ever I try the Revlon ones failed to work on me :(  You can see the rating I had given in the detailed reviews ! 

Maybelline Super Stay Lipsticks won the war ;)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. i love the maybelline one better
    thanks for the review

  2. Superb swatches i love both the shades Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Well compared, I have not tried Revlon yet however with Maybelline I was happy

  4. Yeah I love Maybelline one...nice comparison Aarthi :)

  5. Great Comparison! I have tried only Maybelline but I have heard many didn't like Revlon...

  6. Nice Comparison pick is maybelline

    1. Ya Pallavi.. many liked Maybelline :)

  7. Revlon does feel sticky..but did not bleed or feather on me..revlon stays longer on me..and I love the shades Revlon have :D Like Maybelline too..neutral :p

    1. You have really good supple well maintained lips Bhumi - any bad lippy will look good on you :)



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