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Accentuate - Crystallize your world using Swarovski Crystals [Picture Heavy Post]

Crystals are my best friends - be it diamonds or the Swarovski crystals I like all things blingy ! I got an opportunity to visit this store at 1st Floor, Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam called Accentuate where they promise to crystallize anything and everything. I got curious so just walked in to the store and was dumb stuck to see all colorful crystals around me and what all they could make with those crystals !! They had done amazing interiors with the Swarovski stones - curtains, sofas, table runners and this work extends to the Pooja, your hand bag, shoes, door handles and what not ! You must must visit the store to know what I am talking about. Here are few clicks of the store and the products they had on display.

Accentuate - The Store

A look in to the store as we entered..

Interiors at Accentuate

Here is the close view of the Ganesha you see on the wall.. full of crystals.. One day I would like to do my pooja backdrop like this and my daughter's room with her initials like this :D

The Crystal Ganesha

Talking about the Pooja, here is a pooja set they have made already and some wall hangings all with Swarovski stones !

The Pooja

This will be my dream 'Pooja' any day !! Also I had my doubts on how the oil, incense sticks might disturb these stones. They were kind enough to explain me how carefully they have placed the stones in such a way that it would no way come in the place where the dust or dirt will accumulate. 

Wall Decors

Some work on the tea/coffee sets. You can just buy a cup and saucer set for say Rs.500 and spend some extra bucks to get this work done and give a royal finish !

Cups, Table Runners, Etc

Some amazing interior works

Swarovski on curtains, cushions and sofas

A Closer Look

The Chandelier I loved

The Chadelier

The Table

Some more piece of art..

There are crystals sparkling on the flowers as well !!

The Owl grabbed everyone's attention in the store and I am planning to make a name plate like the one beside the Owl :)

Wall Decors, Name Plates..

A Table full of crystals inside !!

  • They do work on dresses, sarees and blouses as well !! I saw a couple of their work and they are mind blowing at the same time affordable too - at least not as expensive as I had thought.
  • They even do work on your clutches, shoes, handbags :D Their facebook page has more pictures, do check them out HERE.
  • They have Swarovski pearls too and those crystals and pearls together makes an awesome jewellery.
  • They have stripes of crystals that can be placed anywhere like your gadgets, walls, clothes. etc
  • One side of the shop has all different kinds of stones and crystals so that if you have your own idea of crystallizing something, they say they are happy to do it the way you want it.
  • Some of their pieces makes a great gift and pretty return gifts !

Do check out their Facebook Page HERE to see what more they can do with Swarovski crystals. They deal with the customers patiently and spend enough time to understand our requirements thoroughly. Also they try to meet our requirements 'within our budget' !! I am definitely going there again, if not for anything at least for my sarees and blouses :D

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - This is not a paid post nor I have been compensated in any way for doing this post.


  1. i am still dreaming of getting interios done in those blingy stones.. lovely clicks dear.. :)
    I thought they were quite expensive but it seemsto be affordable here..!!

    1. Yaa Poo even I was quite happy with their rates :)

  2. Wow awesome interior and affordable too :)



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