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Jumpsuits - Do's & Don'ts, The Right One for your Body Type

Of late I have been buying clothes as much as I buy cosmetics, as you girls wanted me to share the teeny weeny knowledge I have about fashion, clothing and styling. It was a random thought (love) that I was looking for some clothes online, then these jumpsuits grabbed all my attention. I never bought anything from that site but my hunt for jumpsuits started there. I have been looking everywhere for them and I so badly want them in plain black and floral prints ! Since I have been thinking a lot about the jumpsuits these days, I thought I would share the knowledge about how to wear them and how not to along with few tips to choose them according to your body type.


Jumpsuits come in all different patters, prints and designs and you need to experiment a bit to get the perfect one for you. Let me first talk a little about the outfit - Jumpsuits are a single piece outfit that runs from your shoulders till your legs. These are something worn by people of all age groups and it suits all occasions and seasons !

  • It is always very important to buy the right sized clothing and with these jumpsuits it is even more essential, else you might totally ruin the look ! If it is too tight then you might end up fighting with your outfit in the loo and enhance all those huge areas in your body. If it is really loose then you might look like wearing a sack on you ;) So make sure you get the right one.
  • Wear jumpsuit according to your body type. Don't go with the trend or season but go with what your body is comfortable with. 
  • If you are new to jumpsuits then to be safe buy them in solid colors and that is why I chose black ;) If you don't want solid colors then start with some small prints and subtle colors.
  • Accessorize little as the outfit itself will gain all the attention. A slim belt / jacket with good shoes and a clutch is all that one would need initially to make the look simple yet complete.
  • Remember to choose the right color, pattern/prints [polka dots, animal / floral] and design [halter neck, off choulder,etc]  in your jumpsuits to make yourself comfortable in the outfit.

  • Don't buy them too tight even if you have a great body ! You might not be really comfortable with tight jumpsuits after a while.
  • Go for materials that does not cling on to your body and materials like cotton would make the outfit look flattering on most of us.
  • As already said do not accessorize too much and ruin the entire look. The outfit itself speaks a lot.
  • If you are new to jumpsuits stay away from jazzy, colorful and the ones with huge prints !
  • Don't buy jumpsuits that demands some help to remove like say a zipper/buttons at the back, because you might have to open it yourself in the loo !


Style them According to your Body Type

  • If you are thin try getting some flow-y and airy fabric that would add some volume to your body. You can add belts,scarves or any such accessories as you don't have unwanted flesh oozing out at the wrong places. You can also try jumpsuits with frills, pleats and you need not hesitate to layer up the outfit with some jacket or shrug.
  • If you are well built then get the ones with long pants and solid colors like black and blue which would make you look slimmer. Try wearing some bold lengthy earrings and a bling-y clutch to distract the attention from your body ! Avoid layering up the outfit.
  • If you are short/petite stay away from wearing full pants and try the short length ones and sport them with some high heels. It would grab all the attention towards your legs and shoes and your height would be left unnoticed.
  • Tall girls can just rock any style of jumpsuits and I feel they are really lucky if they have a well maintained body as well ! Lengthy jumpsuits, short ones, pleated ones - just anything would look fab on you.


This is all the little knowledge I have about styling jumpsuits and hope the points were helpful to you. Do share if you have some tips too :) I am all ears.

Hope to find my jumpsuit very soon :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. That's a nice guideline set for a better styling :)

    1. Glad you found it helpful Surbhi :)

  2. Aarthi, promise me you will come wearing one when we meet in Chennai! ;)

    1. I wish I get one by then Supria :)



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