Thursday, August 15, 2013

MAC Eye Shadow Deep Truth : Photos, Review, Swatch & EOTD

It is the 15th of the month and the time for my EOTD here :) You all know that I have a MAC shopping list and as I shop I keep striking the products I bought. For some reason I thought I bought MAC 'Club' instead of 'Deep Truth' !! Can you believe this? I was about to buy 'Deep Truth' again but glad I didn't :p Only when I opened my shopping bag I found 'Deep Truth' instead of 'Club'. I don't regret my purchase but had planned so much for 'Club' this month and was a little disappointed. 

MAC Eye Shadow Deep Truth


MAC describes the shade as ''True Black Blue'' and the finish is 'Frost'. Most of my MAC eye shadows are frost ones and this shade is a deep navy blue with metallic finish. The shade looks so vibrant on my lids and it sits beautifully by itself. You need not think about mixing up other colors. This stunning blue eye shadow is so easy to blend and you need two full swipes for the color to pop up. It is easy to find a dupe [INGLOT 428 is a popular dupe] of this shade. As much as I love Woodwinked and Cranberry I love this one too :) I do not have a single reason to skip this shade.

MAC Eye Shadow Deep Truth

  • The shade is a vibrant metallic shade.
  • Instantly brightens your eyes.
  • Easy to apply and blend.
  • Does not crease.
  • Almost nil fall out.
  • Texture is very smooth.
  • Good staying powder.

Worth a Mention
  • I need two full swipes for the color to show brightly.

  • Nothing at all !

MAC Eye Shadow Deep Truth - Swatch


The cost of MAC Eye Shadows are Rs.720 for 1.3 g [refill] and Rs.900 in pan.

MAC Eye Shadow Deep Truth - EOTD


There are only a very few shades that was an instant love for me and this ones makes it to the list too. The shade is vibrant and yet wearable. I don't mind wearing this shade even in the day time. I feel so comfortable and confident while wearing this amazing shade 'Deep Truth'. You really need not be a blue lover to try this one. If you feel you need a different shade to brighten up your eyes and your palette then this shade 'must be' there ! Though there are many dupes in the market I love the formula as much as I love the color. I highly recommend this shade to all girls here :)

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Such a gorgeous shade !! Loved the look Aarthi :)

    1. Thank u so much Shalini :) You must try this one I am sure you will do a much better look with this.

  2. it is a stunning shade!

  3. Nice one Aarthi... What do you have in the crease?

    1. I used a darker blue from my coastal scents palette :)

  4. wow such a gorgeous eotd n shade <3

  5. Replies
    1. Ya Revathy.. It is an amazing shade :)

  6. Superb eye shadow and looks really refreshing on ur eyes Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Such a alluring shade - Gorgeous eye make-up <3

  8. Gorgeous! <3 I have 428 :P Its very close but then the formula is a little difficult to blend. :/

    1. Thank you Jyo. I just read that 428 is a close dupe but never tried !



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