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Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamel Pink Glow : Photos, Review, NOTD

Lately I have been hoarding nail colors and I am little inclining towards trying nail art. I am enjoying trying different colors and designs on my nails. Most of us don't give much preference to our nails but adding some great colors to go with your outfit makes a lot of difference to the entire look. Also I personally felt that even when you don't have much makeup if you have neatly done nails, it gives a neat and stylish look easily. While at home I try to maintain my nails without any color but whenever I go out I make sure I apply some good nail color. Well, this little transformation in me made me buy the nail art nail enamels by Revlon.

Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamel


First I wanted to try the Neon range and this hot pink grabbed my attention out of all the other colors in the lot. Neon Nail Art Nail Enamel comes with one neon shade and one white base shade. They have numbered the colors as 1 and 2, mentioning which should go first and second on your nails. So as per this numbering white color acts as a base and the neon colors goes on top of them. The shade I have got is Pink Glow and is a super bright neon pink. However the formula of these nail enamels are quite shocking. The white base reminds me so much of fevicol and a white paint. It goes totally streaky and all my nail art dreams got shattered !! The pink color looks more like a plastic coat on my nails when worn alone or even on top of the white base. I am wondering why did Revlon come up with such a dud !!

Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamel - Pink Glow

  • The colors that are so attractive.
  • The concept of making nail art nail enamels.
  • Packaging.
  • Availability.

  • The formula of these nail enamels reminds me of paint, fevicol, plastic, old nail polish and all such weird things. Whats wrong with Revlon?
  • It stains my nails so I need a base coat for sure.
  • Applying a good single coat is so difficult.
  • White base comes so streaky and I don't understand the purpose of this white nail color.
  • It chips and peels off in 2 days !

Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamel - Pink Glow


The cost of Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamels are Rs.300 for 7.68 ml of the product.

Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamel - Pink Glow - Base White Coat

Revlon Nail Art Neon Nail Enamel - Pink Glow - NOTD


Revlon Nail Enamel has never failed me, in fact I love their formula but I am quite disappointed with these. It takes a lot of time to make the nail color look neat and non-streaky. The white base is more hard to work with and in spite of the hot pink top coat the streaky white color underneath shows. I find it difficult to clean the corners after application and thus the messy pictures above. If you have the time and patience to make this work on your nails then you can buy them. If there is something that will make you but these, it is nothing but the colors themselves !

Rating - ♥♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I was terribly disappointed with this colour too. The white base actually reminded me of white shoe polish I used in school for canvas shoes!!!

    1. I was searching for the exact description and you got it right Dollie - exactly shoe polish !

  2. Guess what aarthi.. I had this hunch when I saw them online the other day that they are not gonna be good.. and now I see ur review :O the concept is commendable but the formula :( how are the glitter ones?

    1. Glitter ones are definitely better than these Rekha !!

  3. The colors are very streaky...You can tell from the pics itself.. :( Nice Review...

  4. Oh so streaky! :O
    I bet the glitter ones are better than this fevicol in a tube :P

    1. Supria, I feel nothing can be as bad as these !!

  5. Ohh..i so wanted to try these..thanks for the review ..u saved me :)

    1. Glad it helped you Pallavi :)



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