Thursday, August 29, 2013

What I got in mail today?

I usually do not participate in any Giveaway because I am that lazy. Especially if it is by my good friend I rather tell her I am too lazy to even fill up the form or she will herself know it that I won't participate - because she knows me well ! There are few exceptions though when I have to support someone and when I really like someone's blog I participate and try my best to help them. However I have not won any giveaways till now except one. This is the second one but honestly the best :D The product reached me promptly :)

What I Got in Mail Today?

Yes, it is The Balm Frat Boy !! Can you believe ????!!!!!!!!! My happiness knew so bounds.

I never expected to win this giveaway, the sole reason for me to participate in this giveaway is to support Parita, whom I have known for years now in this blogging world. She started her own blog recently and I totally love her choice of products. You must read her reviews to know what a great collection she has !

This is her blog - My Vanity Treasures

What I Got in Mail Today?

The product reached me in a couple of days in perfect condition :) I loved the way she had packed the gift carefully along with a cute handwritten note :)

What I Got in Mail Today?

Thank YOU so much Pari :) Thank you for this wonderful gift. I am super hyper today ;) 

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Congrats Aarthi :) Do review it soon!!

  2. looks awesome :) n her writing is so nice :)

  3. wow... Lucky u.. I am eyes these for so long. Waiting for my friend mum to travel to US

    1. Hope you get yours soon Shikha :)

  4. Oh dats a very pretty blush...I too love Parita's blog, shez an angel!

  5. I am so glad you are loving the blush Aarthi! thank you so much for the mention :)



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