Friday, September 20, 2013

Colorful / Color Blocking Trend : Outfit

You would have known by now that I love colorful stuff - be it colors on my nails, clothing, accessories, shoes or just anything. Recently I did some crazy mix and match that I came up with this outfit that looks pretty together. I am so comfortable with these and also these bright neon colors gives so much confidence that I wear it often during dull boring days to perk up my mood. Trust Me, It works so well !!

Colorful / Color Blocking Trend

The colorful asymmetrical shrug was the one that caught my attention first. During the recent sale I went crazy and bought clothing more than cosmetics :D I don't really regret as I use them regularly. 'AND' has always been one of my favorite brand and when I saw this colorful shrug I some how wanted to get it. Also I have been eyeing the tank tops from 'Ginger' for a long time, so grabbed one that would go with this shrug. Ta-Da, I am good to go :)

Colorful / Color Blocking Trend - Shrug

Colorful / Color Blocking Trend - Tank Top

I usually wear these with the blue pants shown HERE. Since I am wearing these pants very frequently I am worried if it will fade out ! So I got a velvet finish black pants that goes well with most of my tops, including this one. The pant fits like a second skin and at the same time it feels so comfortable :)

Colorful / Color Blocking Trend - Velvet Finish Pants

Tank Top - Ginger
Asymmetrical Shrug - AND
Black Velvet Pants - Recap [Lifestyle]

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Aarthi AND is my fav brand too... TOo bad I was not around during sale time :(

    Ginger makes some nice staples right?

    1. Ginger is the BESHT any day Supria for their pricing esp ;) Also I just visited AND store after the sale and the neons were just toooooo awesome !! I am in looooooooovvvvvvvveeeee :D

  2. That shrus is simple amazingg.. <3 <3

  3. The shrug is beauty ! OOTD please ;)

    1. True Vipra !! Will try to do one :p



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