Sunday, September 1, 2013

This Or That Beauty Tag

I like doing tags, especially beauty related - like this one ! I was tagged by Riya of My Makeup and Beauty Vanity. Thank You Riya. I am sure I will enjoy doing this tag :)


  • Blush Or Bronzer - Blush any day ! I just have one or two bronzers that I hardly use !
  • Lip Gloss Or Lipstick - Lip Gloss. I have always been a lip gloss person.
  • Eye Liner Or Mascara - Eye Liner. I can survive without a mascara but not without a liner.
  • Foundation Or Concealer - Foundation and will you believe me if I say I don't have any concealer at all !! 
  • Neutral Or Color Eye Shadow - Colors !!! Yes, I like colors on my eyes :)
  • Pressed Or Loose Eye Shadows - Pressed. I have been using them more and thus more comfortable with them.
  • Brushes Or Sponges - Other then foundation [Sponge or Fingers] I prefer brush for everything else. So I will go for brushes.

  • OPI Or China Glaze - Never tried both but OPI would be my first choice !
  • Long Or Short - I like long but most of the time I have only short nails :(
  • Acrylic Or Natural - Only Natural !
  • Brights Or Darks - Brights. I love bright colors on my nails.
  • Flower Or No Flower - I like flower.

  • Perfume Or Body Splash - You know the answer Perfumes.
  • Lotion Or Body Butter - My skin needs Body Butter.
  • Body Wash Or Soap - Body Wash. I am bored of soaps.
  • Lush Or Other Bath Company - Others. I am not a great Lush fan !

  • Jeans Or Sweat Pants - Jeans any day !
  • Long Sleeve Or Short - Long coz I have fat arms :(
  • Dresses Or Skirts - Dresses.
  • Stripes Or Plaid - Plaid :)
  • Flip Flops Or Sandals - Sandals
  • Scarves Or Hats - Neither !!!
  • Studs Or Dangly Earrings - Studs.
  • Necklaces Or Bracelets - Not bracelets for sure !
  • Heels Or Flats - Loooooooooving heels.
  • Cowboy Boots Or Riding Boots - What are you talking about? I can't wear boots here :P
  • Jacket Or Hoodie - Both ;)
  • Forever 21 Or Charlotte Russe - We don't have a choice, so Forever 21 !
  • Saks 5th Or Nordstrom - !!!

  • Curly Or Straight - Straight hair is so easy to manage. 
  • Bun Or Ponytail - Ponytail
  • Bobby Pins Or Butterfly Clips - Pins
  • Hair Spray Or Gel - Spray
  • Long Or Short - Long. I have had long hair mostly !
  • Light Or Dark - Dark.
  • Side Sweep Bangs Or Full Bangs - Side Swept Bangs for sure !
  • Up Or Down - Down

  • Rain Or Shine - Rains !
  • Summer Or Winter - I always feel the other season would have been better !!
  • Fall Or Spring - Fall :)
  • Chocolate Or Vanilla - Chocolate ONLY !
  • East Coast Or West Coast - East Coast.. coz I love the long drive on the East Coast Road !!

I tag all my co-bloggers to take up this tag and enjoy doing it :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Loved reading your answers! I did the same tag today.

    1. Ya I jus saw that :)

  2. Loved reading all ur answers. This is such a fun should have modfied it a bit for India. No Saks or Nordys here :(

    1. Might be ya Dollie ;)

  3. loved ur answers aarthi <3 thanks for doing d tag :)

    1. Loved doing it Riya, Thank you :)

  4. Nice answers Aarthi... gr8 to know u :)



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