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Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil 02 Cocobar : Photos, Review, Swatch & EOTD

The easiest way to brighten up a dull day is by lining your eyes with a different color other than black. There are so many brands that offer amazing eye pencils in different colors. I am still stuck to the colorbar ones as their formula totally impressed me. Also the shades they have on offer are really bright and vibrant. I so love their Electra and Prunella and so do many of you ! Today I will be writing about this subtle yet amazing brown shade called Cocobar, which is again a popular shade. 

Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil 02 Cocobar


Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencils are well known for the creaminess and this one is a not an exception. The creaminess makes the pencil glide on my lids and thus never hurts my lids at all. I am always very comfortable wearing the I Glides. Due to the creaminess the product gets used up pretty quickly along with little product wastage while using them on the lids and sharpening too. Wish these were retractable eye pencils ! The shade Cocobar is an deep brown shade and it shows beautifully on my lids which I thought would never show up on my lids !! So this came as a surprise to me and I am super glad :) The color looks very natural for a casual day out.

Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil 02 Cocobar

  • The creaminess of the pencils makes it easy to line my eyes.
  • The shade cocobar is a pretty natural brown shade.
  • The eye pencils are easily available both in stores and online too.
  • Once set it stays without smudging for even 6 hours.
  • Great color to create a subtle smokey eye.
  • Wide shade range to choose from.

  • Product gets used up pretty quickly due to the creaminess.
  • A significant amount of product gets wasted during sharpening.

Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil 02 Cocobar

Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil 02 Cocobar - Swatch


The cost of Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil is Rs.450 for 1.1 g of the product.

Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil 02 Cocobar - EOTD


Cocobar is a great shade and a must-have for those who love soft smokey eyes. The eye pencils are super creamy so both you and your eyes will love them. As I mentioned earlier I wish they don't hike their price any more as I don't think it is worth more than Rs.450. I love these eye pencils for their formula and the color choice available. I will still recommend you to try these I Glides if you have not laid your hands on these yet !

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. nyc and detailed review love it <3

  2. Aarthi where do you buy colourbar from? Next time I am in Chennai you are taking me colorbar shopping ;)

    1. For sure :) There is Colorbar in Angels and also Hi Style I guess, but very limited. I saw decent stock in that Egmore bangle store - Dreams come True.

  3. your EOTD is toooo good.what a clarity!!!!!! .I was trying to comment on ur yesterday's post I couldn't do it with interrupted net connection.Ponds BB cream sort of leaving a whitish cast on my skin.also It sweats .I bought Colorbar BB cream and am loving it.It gives a natural look.ideal for everyday use.

    1. Thank you Lakshmi :) Oh is that so !! I am yet to try the Pond's one. If it disappoints me then I'll try Colorbar for sure :)

  4. Brown looks lovely on your eyes dear :)
    I love Colorbar I-glide pencils for their pigmentation <3
    Lovely clicks !

    1. Thank you so much dear :) I never thought this would show up so well on my lids !!



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