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Escada Cherry In The Air Eau De Toilette : Photos, Review, Notes

Escada fragrances are quite new in my perfume collection and I am quite enjoying it ! The brand is totally new to me and I have heard a little about them from my friends and relatives. It is only when a few of them suggested me to try Escada perfumes I realized that I haven't tried anything from the brand at all. Whenever I remember seeing them in the counters all I could recollect was simple but pretty looking bottles in interesting colors. When I heard the name 'Cherry In The Air', I became even more curious :)

Escada Cherry In The Air Eau De Toilette


Escada Cherry In The Air comes in a simple bottle but with few interesting points here and there. The bottle has this bright cherry color that develops as a gradual variation from the transparent base. At the back of the bottle you can see cherry imprints. Also the lid has a satin elastic ring that has a cute bow, again with cherries. The outer box looks quite interesting with a pretty girl and cherries around her !

Now coming to the fragrance it self, the first sniff would remind you about nothing other than cherries. Ya it is a sweet fruity fragrance but not too sweet for my liking as it mixes with few floral notes after a while. It dries down with a mild creamy woody notes. Sadly, the staying power is too short on me, hardly for 3 hours !! Sillage is 'Okay'. The perfume described as a spring fragrance perfectly suits the season.

Notes [Source]

Top Notes - The scent opens with enticing top notes of black cherry and juicy raspberry, brimming with summer ripeness, while a hint of underlying mandarin lends an energising burst of citrusy freshness.
Middle Notes - In the heart, the lightness of gardenia petals is enriched with the gourmand creaminess of coconut orchid and warm vanilla. Blending with the tempting marshmallow note, which is built around a flavor molecule, this playful accord gives the fragrance its unique character. 
Base Notes - In the dry-down, comforting sandalwood, oak and musks blend with a creamy white suede accord that reinforces the alluring nature of the scent.

Escada Cherry In The Air Eau De Toilette

  • The sweet cherry fragrance has the right amount of sweetness for my liking.
  • It comes with a simple yet interesting bottle.
  • It comes with a cute little bow which can be used as a finger ring as well.
  • The outer box is more interesting than the bottle itself.
  • I totally enjoy the fragrance throughout all top, middle and base notes.
  • Definitely a girly fragrance.

  • Staying Power is very low, it hardly stays on me for 3 hours !

Escada Cherry In The Air Eau De Toilette


The cost of Escada Cherry In Air Eau De Toilette is Rs.5000 (approx) for 100 ml of the product.

Escada Cherry In The Air Eau De Toilette


I really enjoyed using this fragrance as it claims to be a Limited Edition product but I saw so many bottles lined up in the counters, when even the ones available through out the year were not in stock !! It is definitely a sweet perfume but not the one that would cause an head ache and so obviously you can't expect a great staying time. I do not regret my purchase at all. I enjoyed using this but I wouldn't be repurchasing the perfume. It is a one-time sweet girly perfume and you can try sniffing it if you are that sweet girly fragrance girl.

Rating - ♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. This is definitely in my wishlist to buy ....i liked when i sniffed it first
    good review

  2. This one looks alluring <3 Tempting stuff dear :)

  3. For the price, there are so many other perfumes with better staying power. Dont you agree Aarthi?

    1. Absolutely Supria.. but this one is an EDT.. so I didn't expect much in terms of staying power :)

  4. I am getting Especially Escada this diwali..gifting it to myself :D

  5. Love the bottle and the bow. Will give it a sniff if its still available :)

    1. Let me know how you liked it :)



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