Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 2013 Haul - 5 products < Rs.500 !

If you have a deja vu of having seen this pic already, it is not a deja vu but I did a post on what I picked up in the beginning of this month and it is the same as this one. I am really disappointed with this month's haul and I am sure even you'll be. I was busy shopping for Diwali and the little one's birthday that I didn't have the craving to shop more for myself :D Might be next month I will come up with more products in my haul posts :P I shall write a little about the products I got this month and then will directly go the accounting part ;) Though the haul didn't make me very happy, the accounts were very satisfying this time !!

October 2013 Haul
I already reviewed these cute Maybelline Color Show Nail Enamels HERE. I really wanted to pick more colors and I am sure I'll do it. Lack of time or too much shopping for the upcoming festival made me forget about these pretty ones ! Each were sold for just Rs.75 !!

Palmolive Shower Gel priced at Rs.135 turned out to be a disaster. Will probably do the review tomorrow. I picked the Ponds BB Cream along with the shower gel during the monthly groceries shopping. Both were light on pocket and the BB cream gives a different finish on me every time I tried it so far. Need a little more testing before I review the BB Cream, which was sold for Rs.69.

This Month - 
Total Amount Spent - Rs.429
Total Amount Saved - Nil
Best Buys - Color Show Nail Enamels

Happy Shopping :)

♥ Aarthi ♥

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