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Elle 18 Color Pop Liner Green : Photos, Review, Swatch & EOTD

Elle 18 is a well-known brand for the quality they offer at really affordable rates and there is no other brand to beat them in this aspect. Elle 18 lipsticks have always been in my favorites list and they have never failed to impress me ! One of my first liquid liners were from Elle 18 too. Having such a sweet experience with the brand, when I was offered a handful of products I was very glad to review them for all my friends here. Today, I would be reviewing a liquid liner called Pop Liner in the shade Green.  

Elle 18 Color Pop Liner in Green


The Elle 18 Color Pop Liner comes in a cute pot shaped packaging that never fails to gain attention. The lid has the applicator attached to it, which is really thin and that makes the application of a liquid liner super easy. I am very bad at liquid liner application but yet it was very easy for me to line my eyes with this one. The shade Green is a dark glittery grey shade that shows well on my lids. Not a very common shade but still can be worn easily. This is not water proof so you have to be very conscious not to rub your eyes while wearing this. I need 2 coats for the liner to show well and stay opaque.

Elle 18 Color Pop Liner in Green

  • The cute and chic pot packaging.
  • The color green is a pretty everyday shade that has glitters.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.
  • It is super easy to line your eyes with this liner.
  • Stays on my lids for 4 hours !

  • Gets rubbed off easily, so I am always very conscious while wearing this.
  • I need 2 coats to get an intense color.

Elle 18 Color Pop Liner in Green


The cost of Elle 18 Color Pop Liner in Green is Rs.75 for 5 ml of the product.

Elle 18 Color Pop Liner in Green - Swatch

Elle 18 Color Pop Liner in Green - EOTD


Though this eye liner has a huge list of likes from me if I have to point the best about it, it is the ease of application. You might be a newbie or you just have shaky hands, do not worry this eye liner makes your job really easy and perfect too ! I like the fact that the color is so wearable in spite of the presence of glitters. I would definitely recommend you to try these pop liners which makes your eyes pop with just 2 coats of the liner. You also have a couple of more shades to choose from the newly launched collection.

Rating - ♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - Product sent by PR.


  1. Lovely EOTD Aarthi :) Cheap and cheerful product :)



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