Friday, November 22, 2013

My New Vanity Table is Getting Done !

I have been dying to get a pretty vanity table for myself and whenever I see these organization post or you tube videos I go searching for similar tables and draws in all shops nearby. I could never spot such pretty tables / draws anywhere. Even if I see something close to them, they were ridiculously expensive. My hubby saw that I get restless at times and thought of helping me - what a wise decision ! Then he called our carpenter and asked him to make one as per my wish.

My Vanity Table
The pic above is my half done vanity table :) Ya the lights are yet to be fixed. I will share with you an updated pic - when the lights are fixed and I arrange everything on my table.

I wanted a white table like the IKEA ones but having a little one around I thought cleaning it often would be a tedious job ! So I opted for a dark color as that would go with all the other furniture at home.

Few things I had in my mind while ordering for this table are
  • Simple design so that cleaning the table would be easy.
  • A size that would fit in the available space and that which does not take much of the room space. 
  • A dark color that would not stain easily.
  • A good material that would last long and does not absorb water or any color.
  • Huge mirror which makes it both as a dresser and a vanity table.
  • Mirror surrounded by lot of bright lights to help do a perfect makeup !

Hope the pointers would help you when you are doing your own vanity table.

How do you find mine? Any suggestions do share as we are yet to fix the lights and some minor work is still pending. 

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. omg! I'm so jealous of u! Its looking ultra pretty <3

  2. Aarthi cant wait for the final reveal ;)

  3. i m getting my dresser done soon too... looking for more tips :)

    1. Will share more in the next post Revs :)

  4. Such a thoughtful & sweet move by your husband :)



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