Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 Ways To Prep Your Skin This Winter By Lakme : Press Note

5 Ways To Prep Your Skin This Winter By Lakme

    Is your skin ready to handle the tough cold weather?
    Here are some tips that will help you keep your skin prepped this season: 
    While we are yet to feel the winter's wrath, the best way to prep your skin for the harsh conditions and changing temperature is to start transitioning your skin-care routine now. 

    In order to keep your skin prepped, here are some tips that can help your skin be winter ready: 

1. Moisturize:  Winter is just around the corner and it’s that time of year when harsh winds and dropping temperature makes skin dull and dry. Moisturizing your skin becomes the most critical to combat skin dryness.  

Bring in this winter with a dash of glamour with the Lakmé Skin Gloss Winter Intense Moisturizer, designed keeping in mind your skin requirements during winter. This can also be used a primer for your make-up. All you need to do is put a layer on your face after washing it with face wash in the morning and your skin will be winter prepped.

2. Take water breaks: Drinking water can often be neglected due to the lack of thirst impulse during winter season.  Consuming lots water is the only way to keep your skin active and hydrated. Drinking water detoxifies and cleanses the body toxins, keeping your skin winter ready. In addition to drinking plenty of water a good moisturizer like the Lakmé Skin Gloss Winter Intense Moisturizer provides  the nourishment that your skin requires in this weather.

3. Avoid long showers: It’s pure luxury to have long steamy showers in this cold weather but heat can fry out your skin and leave it susceptible to outdoor damage. Stick to shorter scrub-downs and apply a rich moisturizing cream like Lakmé Skin Gloss Winter Intense Moisturizer.

4. Don’t skip sunscreen: Although we are less exposed to the sun in winter, we can’t protect ourselves from its rays completely. It is essential to carry your sunscreen  with you especially if you’re an outdoor person.

5. Lip prep: Apply a thick layer of nourishing balm and leave on to absorb while you’re applying your daily skin moisturizing lotion. It helps you prevent chapped lips and will keep your lips well moisturized.

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Note - Info sent by PR.

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