Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MAC Lip Pencil Soar : Photos, Review, Swatch & LOTD

It feels like it has been ages ever since I reviewed anything here and to give a good start I chose to review a lip product from MAC. This time it is not a lipstick but a lip pencil instead ! You would know why I chose to review a lip pencil over a lipstick when you are done reading the entire review. If you don't have the patience to go through every single line of the post then here is the reason in short. It takes care of almost everything you expect from a lipstick for the same price and it does something more too !!

MAC Lip Pencil Soar


MAC lip pencil comes in the usual to-be-sharpened pencil form and you definitely need a good sharpener to use this. The pencil is really creamy that it glides on easily on my super dry lips. If it is so smooth on my lips then it would be great on any lips. The shade soar is a dull pink color that evens out my pigmented lips by covering all the pigmentation. I can just go with the lip pencil or even top it up with my favorite lip color. It works as a great base to my lipstick and the lipstick stays for at least a couple of hours more on my lips. I just wish I would have got a shade darker than this, as it looks a bit pale on me at times. Soar would look good on skin tones below NC 42.

MAC Lip Pencil Soar

  • Evens out my pigmented lips.
  • Covers all pigmentation.
  • Does not dry out my lips.
  • Glides on easily on my super dry lips.
  • This lip pencil is one of the creamiest I have used so far.
  • Works as a great base for my lipsticks.
  • Makes the lipstick stay for long.

  • Most of the time I forget to carry a sharpener along and that dependency makes it a pain ! For the price I wish it was a retractable lip pencil.

MAC Lip Pencil Soar


The cost of MAC Lip Pencil Soar is Rs.990 for 1.45 g of the product.

MAC Lip Pencil Soar - Swatch

MAC Lip Pencil Soar - LOTD


I never believed that using a lip pencil would bring a significant difference until I tried a couple of them from Chanel and MAC. Rest all dried out my lips and I never dared to touch them again !! This lip pencil in Soar is my first one from MAC and I totally love it. I just wish for the price they either included a sharpener or made it a retractable pencil. I highly recommend a MAC lip pencil to all you lipstick lovers and the shade Soar if you are below NC 42. The difference it shows is really significant and you have to get one for yourself.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Aarthi I have a few Mac lip pencils and I never use them. They feel so drying on my lips :( glad they work for you. You should check out spice, it is a nice neutral shade for dusky skin tones.

    1. Oh really ! That is surprising Sups !! I actually wanted Spice too but somehow ended up with this :P

  2. Great shade :) .. The color looks lovely on you dear :) .. I love MAC lip pencils for their amazing formula - Recently bought few of them ;)

    1. Oh really, which shades did you buy Vipra?



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