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Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Bronzing Bronzer in Sunset Bronze : Photos, Review, Swatch

When I feel I am still new to blushes [No, don't go and see my collection now ;)] I have not thought about bronzers at all ! I always felt it is more for professionals or people who are really good at carrying it with confidence. When I saw my little cousin (who does some amazing makeup for her age) taking a bronzer out of her bag I was totally shocked and we had a discussion about bronzers for the next couple of minutes. The confidence behind her bronzing look is this little tub of beauty by Maybelline !

Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Bronzing Bronzer- Sunset Bronze


Maybelline provides a cute tub of bronzer with a cute brush as well. The brush is however not so great and some times pricks my skin, so I advised my cousin to try it with a different brush. The bronzer comes in a powder form and the shade Sunset Bronze is a dark deep rosy shade with shimmers in it. It is very easy to tap the tub a bit to get little powder above the lid that has minute holes. Then I take it with a kabuki and apply it. It blends really easily and looks so natural and that is where it scores. The shimmers are medium and doesn't look too obvious until light falls on your cheeks. I love this little beauty for the way it looks on me and it would suit skin tones between NC 40 to NC 44 easily but I see only one shade in their website.

Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Bronzing Bronzer- Sunset Bronze

  • It has micro-minerals and you can see that little secret of micro-minerals in the pic above.
  • The shade 'Sunset Bronze' looks so natural on me.
  • The powder is fine and soft and blends very easily.
  • Not much product wastage because of the holes in the lid that allows only a little product out when tapped lightly.
  • Travel-friendly too. 

  • The brush that looks so cute does not help much with application.
  • Availability in India.

Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Bronzing Bronzer- Sunset Bronze

Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Bronzing Bronzer- Sunset Bronze


The cost of Maybelline Natural Bronzing Mineral Power is approximately Rs.1200 [USD 20] for 4.5 g of the product.

Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Bronzing Bronzer- Sunset Bronze - Swatch


If you are new to bronzers then you must must must get hold of this product to start with. It makes your job super easy and blends really well with your skin tone. You can use it with a light hand and then build up the color as much as you need. I wouldn't call the look the exact sun-kissed look because of the presence of some obvious shimmers which is more obvious under light but then that doesn't stop me from loving this one. I highly recommend this to you if you do not mind the shimmers.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. this looks good but to be honest bronzers scare me a little!!

    1. Lol ! It was the same for me too until I tried this :)

  2. At first glance it reminds me of a body shop blush I own called Brown Topaz. Colour and the packaging are almost similar. This looks like a good bronzer from the swatch.

    1. Ya, Supria it looks sooooo pretty :)

  3. It is a pretty colour but one of the most expensive maybelline products I have come accross!

    1. True.. but I have just converted the price to INR.. If they launch this here.. might be it would be cheaper :/



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