Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mini Beauty Wish List for 2014

Every year I have a beauty wish list but I never shared any with you girls as the list was really really huge and I thought I'll scare you girls with my list ! This year, like the previous years I have a huge list too and compiling all of them wouldn't be so easy. I just picked a few of them which looks so much away from me :P Ya, I doubt if I would pick it really soon but I want to pick them up at least before Feb. So here is this mini beauty wish list for the New Year 2014.

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So here is my mini wish list 

1. Forest Essentials Bitter Orange & Cinnamon Hair Cleanser - I have been using the Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser and Conditioner combo for the past 3-4 months. I like how it maintains my hair well but I need a little more frizz control and my friend highly recommended me to try this new hair cleanser.

2. Forest Essentials Bitter Orange & Cinnamon Hair Conditioner - It is not a huge task to buy this cleanser and conditioner but by the end of next year I should have at least bought one from the list above so I added these ;)

3. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil - I have never used any facial oil before and my good friend suggested this one. I am really excited to try this one. Once I finish my night cream I am planning to buy this one.

4. Chanel Cream Blushes - There were 6 shades launched for this fall and I loved two of them - Fantastic and Presage. Will try them both before buying one for myself :D or I might end up buying more than one.

5. Clarins Eye Make Up Remover - I so want to buy this one as I have seen how amazingly it works but I came across a cheaper option very recently - coconut oil ! They both work like a magic !! So I might or might not buy this one based on what my mind says when I am the Clarins store !

6. Clinique Stick Blusher - This one was highly recommended by a friend who is a blush hoarder and I trust her a lot when it comes to skin care and blushes. I have to try the shades and then decide which one to buy :)

Do you like my wish list? Have you finalized your wish list for 2014? Do share :)

♥ Aarthi ♥ 


  1. Chanel cream blushes are in my wish list too!

    1. I am sure we will love it <3

  2. Aarthi mini but well put together :)



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