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Shopping Tips 3 - Bridal Shopping In Chennai !

I come from a really huge family with my father having 3 siblings and mother with 6 siblings !!! - I can see somebody fainting there !! My dad being the elder most it started with my marriage in 2009 and actually i didn't put too much effort for shopping then. However after that we had at least one wedding a year in the family and the entire process of shopping clothes, jewels and other bridal stuff would take full 3 months. Last year it was my sister's wedding and this year my close cousin's wedding and I need at least 2 years break to prepare ourselves for the next wedding shopping. Today I will share my knowledge on bridal shopping from my experience over the past few years.


Silk Sarees

The options are really huge in Chennai and my vote goes to Kalaniketan directly. Though Pothys, RMKV and Kumaran Silks do have great variety Kalaniketan flatters me totally. I am not a fan of Nalli any day ! The sarees are so different and unique and at the same time pricey at Kalaniketan. If you can manage a budget of 30k to 1 Lakh then you can go straight to Kalaniketan. The sarees look really grand too. Do check out all the branches - Anna Nagar, T.Nagar, Express Avenue and KNK Road to find your dream saree !

RMKV has some great traditional wear for kids and be prepared to spend at least 3k on a single atttire for kids !!

Lehengas and Anarkali Suits

Every bride in Chennai sports a lehenga during the wedding reception these days and we have Kay, Moksha, Man Mandir and Eka for lehengas. I visited all these stores and Man Mandir offers some great colors but with poor customer service and very less choice of lehengas to choose from ! Eka was good too but again very little choice. I picked up an anarkali suit from Eka which I love. Moksha hands down has the best lehengas in Chennai ! They have pretty lehengas in all price range. 

Kay and Eka has some pretty Anarkali Suits. However customer service at Kay was a bit disappointing ! If they knew you are looking at the expensive range they treat you really special, else they give a frustrated look !!

Designer Sarees

Man Mandir is the best for designer sarees that you would wear as a brides maid and not as a bride. The colors and blouse designs are just fabulous. Shopping at Man Mandir comes with its own cons of limited shop timings and not-so-great customer service. However the collections could no where be found in Chennai so I go to Man Mandir any day for designer sarees.

You think I have left out any thing? Remind me in the comments section and I shall write about it in the next Shopping Tips part.

♥ Aarthi ♥

Note - This is not a paid post nor did any of the shops mentioned above compensate in any way for this post. It is all purely my personal experience and opinions.


  1. Aarthi wish you had written this a few years back when I was a to-be-bride!

    I agree on the Man Mandir customer service, it is non-existent!

    1. I wish I had known so much then Supria :)

      Man Mandir - they don't even care about what you think !!!

  2. nice post arthi :) ..came across your blog while searching for shopping places in chennai.I'm from mumbai and would be shifting to chennai next week, somewhere near thoraipakkam i guess.Hope you will continue to do such helpful posts and suggest good shopping places .would be of much help for outsiders like me :)

    1. Kashmira I am glad this helped you :) Do feel free to email me if you need more tips when it comes to shopping in Chennai :D

  3. Hi Aarthi

    Thanks for the your review. I want to get good designer sarees in chennai could you please let me know which shop will be good for this



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