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January 2014 Empties

Ever since I started doing empties post I make sure to gather a minimum of 4 - 5 products for this post and thus I started using the products regularly which was lying around unused for quite some time. Also this helps me to identify what I have to buy and avoid for the next one month. Doing this 'Empties' post gives me as much satisfaction as I get while doing the haul post. Also, I feel these posts make me buy stuff that I actually need and not just the ones I crave for. So the point is even if you don't do a post like this every month make a note of products you have finished up over a month and it would help you a lot in many ways !

January 2014 Empties

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild

This is my third bottle of this facial soap by Clinique which was meant for Dry Combination skin. I really had high expectations when I got this and it did meet my expectations. I really liked this product and enjoyed using it for a very long time ! Now that I need a change I will be switching to some other product. A mild cleanser that kept my skin soft and supple. You can see the detailed review of the product HERE.

Will I Repurchase? - I already did !
Good, Bad or Okay - Good
Product meant for - People looking for a mild cleanser for everyday use.

Espirit Shimmering Body Lotion

I was really excited when I got this product as a gift set with a perfume from the same range. I really liked the fragrance and the barely-there shimmers made it perfect for evenings and night outs. I wouldn't call this a very moisturising body lotion and it is not meant to be one too ! I kept it aside to be used during such special evenings and some how forgot all about it. When I actually found it again it was nearing the expiry date. So I decided to use it and I finished it in a month.

Will I Repurchase? - I don't see myself using this regularly so No !
Good, Bad or Okay - Good
Product meant for - People looking for some light shimmering body lotion for night outs.

Nike Women Casual Perfume

I never thought I will like any fragrance by Nike until my friend suggested this to me. This was an instant love and became my favorite too. The fresh scent is so hard to neglect and I will be repurchasing this perfume for ever and ever ! Though the fragrance suits summer better I wear it through out the year. If you get it as a duo with the body spray it works out more economical. You can see the detailed review of this perfume HERE

Will I Repurchase? - Definitely
Good, Bad or Okay - Good
Product meant for - Fresh summery fragrance lovers.

Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy

I would have easily finished this tube long back but I didn't have the heart to part with this :p Only after I got to try something else from the same brand I squeezed out every bit of the cream and used it up. The rose water fragrance made me go for this and it helped my dry hands a lot. Once applied I need not worry about my hands getting dry again. Yes, it pampered my skin for almost a whole day. When applied a little more it does feel a bit greasy but my hands need that if I have to save my skin! You can see the detailed review HERE

Will I Repurchase? - I will, after trying all the other variants.
Good, Bad or Okay - Good
Product meant for - For super dry hands that loves rose water fragrance ;)

Revlon Extra Gentle Nail Enamel Remover Acetone Free

Recently, I am managing pretty good nails without any major issues like breaking or yellowing. As I saw the condition of my nails getting better I thought of giving it a little more pampering by using acetone-free nail polish remover and thus got this one ! How I regret my decision now - it is definitely not for the impatient people like me. When I want to remove my nail polish all I can spend is 5 minutes but this takes like 20 minutes and I had to use a lot of product for one time use ! I would have used this say, maximum 10 times and the bottle is empty !! I am glad I finished it up :)

Will I Repurchase? - Definitely No !
Good, Bad or Okay - Bad for me.

Product meant for - People who prefer Acetone Free nail polish removers and who have loads of patience !

So what did you finish using up this month? 

Stay tuned and this month's colorful haul post will be up tomorrow :)

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Nice post Aarthi, i would maybe try and buy the Nike perfume.

    1. Let me know from where you bought Lovlyn as I am finding it hard to spot it these days !

  2. Love the Nike one.. btw wanted to ask u something.. hows does the C& E Tarocco orange smell like Aarthi? my friend said she cud get me few stuff from c& thot of chking with u.. n love this post.. you inspire me to do empties post too :D <3

    1. The Tarocco Orange smells predominantly citrus and orange-y Rekha but not very fresh as the fragrance is a bit creamy ! Nothing over powering though. I got it as I liked the fragrance. If you have tried any C&E Hand Therapy you would know what I mean by the creamy fragrance. It is there with all C&E Hand Therapies.

      Aww.. Thank You so much Reks :)

    2. ok got it.. Ive used/using thr lavender hand therapy atm.. will chk them out then.. Thanks Aarthi :)

  3. great post! I wan to try the Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy!

    1. It has become a part of my daily routine Lee.. It is so addictive !



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