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MAC Brush Cleanser : Photos, Review, Pictorial

When everybody in the blogging world were raving about the MAC Blush Cleanser I was still hesitating to get one, as even if I clean it with this cleanser I had to deep clean my brushes using a mild shampoo, then why do I need this brush cleanser ! As I started using my brushes very often I realised that it gets very difficult to deep clean them before every use and that is when the MAC Cleanser found a place in my shopping list. I was not really convinced to actually buy it even when I was at the stores.

MAC Brush Cleanser


So when was I actually convinced? 

Only after I started using it !

I feel it is one of the cheapest product by MAC, yes this huge bottle would last really long and the price is totally justified. The cleanser is a light watery pink liquid that comes in a huge plastic bottle with flip open cap. I take a few drops in a tissue paper and swipe the brush lightly over it. Do not press the brush hard as it might change the natural shape of the brush and at the same time the tissue paper wears off. Even a kid can do this and the brush would be clean in less than 5 minutes ! The brush is ready to be used after this quick cleaning process.

I also heard the cleanser is good to be used only on synthetic brushes and not the natural ones as the chemicals would change the nature of the natural bristles !!

Pictorial - Clean brushes in 2 easy steps !

1. Here are my dirty MAC and Inglot brushes.

2.Few drops of cleanser in a tissue

3.Dab/Swipe the brush lightly on the wet area.

4.Clean brushes in less than 5 minutes !

  • A lot of product that would last more than 6 months for me.
  • Easy to use the product.
  • Instantly cleans the brushes.
  • It cleans the brushes really well.
  • Reduces the need to wash the brushes before every use.
  • Worth the price.

  • The cleanser is not good to be used on brushes made of natural bristles.
  • Though this helps clean the brush within minutes, you have to deep clean the brushes at least once a week (based on your usage).


The cost of MAC Brush Cleanser is Rs.650 for 235 ml of the product.


If you have many makeup brushes and if they are an important part of your regular routine then the brush cleanser would become your best friend. If you are still new to brushes and you have just started your collection, you still have some time to buy this huge pink bottle. The brush cleanser does help me clean my brushes quickly before every use and I can't really thank them (Co-Bloggers) enough for recommending this product.

Rating - ♥♥♥♥.5 

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. this looks great !

  2. Aarthi, you and Parita have already recommended this to me... But I never knew you guys were talking about the spot cleaner... I NEVER spot clean my brushes, just do a full cleanse once a week.

    I am also eyeing the Dr Bronners magic soap for brush cleaning...

    1. Ya Supria, even I never used to do it but once I got this I clean my brushes before/after every use and full cleaning once a week.. :)

  3. Sounds like one of the cheapest mac products around.



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