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My New Hair Cut : My Experience & FOTD

I have been talking a lot about my new hair cut here, in Facebook, in Twitter and in Instagram too. So I have been getting messages to share my experience and show pictures of my new hair cut. I always had wavy hair with not much thickness but super fast growth. So most of the time you would spot me with hair that is grown well below my shoulders. I was so bored with it and so I decided to go ahead and cut my hair till my shoulders.

Also I wanted to chop off all the treated [read straightened] hair and maintain a healthy chemicals-free hair here after. Without much thought I decided to get my hair cut done at Toni & Guy, as I got pretty good reviews about the salon from friends. 

New Hair Cut - FOTD - Instagram Pic

As I decided to go with Toni & Guy I chose the one close to my place at Phoenix Market City. I called up the salon to know their charges and availability of the stylist and make an appointment. They said they can block the timing for us (I went with my cousin) and once we go there we can choose the hair stylist after having a small discussion with them. 

They had hair stylists at 4 levels and accordingly the charges varied. 
  • Basic hair cut from a junior hair stylist was Rs.500 (approx)
  • Hair Cut by a Senior Stylist was Rs.650 (approx)
  • Hair Cut by the Top Stylist was Rs.850 (approx)
  • Hair Cut by the Creative Director was Rs.1500 (approx)

I decided to go with the Creative Director and my cousin with Top Stylist. We had a discussion with the Senior Stylist too and we didn't notice any significant difference in the expertise with top and senior stylist. So you can just consider it as three levels - basic, middle and top. If you decide to get it done by the middle level stylist you might choose the top stylist and save some bucks for almost the same work. I am not sure if it is the same with their other branches too ! 

The Creative Director was everywhere helping the other stylists so you can be sure that you wouldn't get a messy hair end of the day. Also the CD just does the hair cut whereas the hair wash and blow dry are done by the other people around. They take enough time to understand what you need and actually do not hurry up. I told him my requirements that I need volume and a side bang. Also mentioned that I just need shoulder length hair which I might tie up now and then. So he made sure I got the length I wanted. Also I told him that I don't like to use styling products and I need a naturally manageable hair that I can let free most of the times. Before each and every step he got an confirmation from me. It was the same with my cousin too. She was happy with her layers and hair color too. She had asked for an ombre hair color and sadly no body there understood what it meant !!!

My hair cut along with the discussion, hair wash and blow dry took 30-45 mins. They were not trying to sell any products to me but I myself wanted a heat protectant that could control my frizz too and he suggested this hair spray that you would have seen in my haul post.

My total bill came up to Rs.3000 and I was happy with the service.

My Suggestion
  • Book an appointment before you go.
  • Take time discussing what kind of a hair cut you want. Don't rush.
  • Only if you are not very sure what would suit you, go ahead with the Creative Director.
  • If you know what you want then just go ahead with the basic hair stylist, if you are too insecure then go for the Senior Stylist. 
  • You can skip the Top Stylist as I felt a Senior Stylist's job is almost the same as the Top Stylist's.

I was happy with my cut say 90% and my cousin who wanted an ombre hair color was actually shocked that these guys didn't understand the term 'ombre' ! She was happy with her hair cut though and she didn't want to lose the length and they made sure they just trimmed her layers and bangs. Colouring her tips costed a bomb - Rs.5000, so her rating would be just 75%. I would recommend this place for a good hair cut but not hair colouring as I feel it is not worth the money !

Note - I was not compensated in anyway to do this post. Also the views are totally mine and based on my experience at Toni & Guy in Phoenix Market City.

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Thanks for the detailed review and you look super cute <3

    1. Thank You Gowthami :)

  2. thanks for the post! nicely written!

    1. Glad you liked it Sindhu :)

  3. Had been there for my friend and I know.. those guys had no clue about the ombre coloring :D My friend had lengthy hair and she specifically told them that she doesnt wanna go short and they did exactly opposite to what she asked for! It all just happened in minutes :( But since short hair suited her well, she didnt complain much.. but the point here is, they dont listen to us :/ you look super pretty Aarthi <3 :)

    1. Lol ! Y don't they understand 'ombre'.. Grrrr.

      Thank God.. Both of us didn't have issues with the length :)

      Aww... Thank You Reks :)

  4. I love toni n guy .. from last 2.5 yrs I have only got my hair cut through them. I have never been disappointed. U must try their glossing treatment, It gives amazing results :)

    1. That's good :) Which branch you have been going to?
      Ohhh... no more treatments for my hair.. :/

  5. Don't u think 3000/- for hair cut is tooooo costly!!!! I just pay 500 or 600 for hair wash with conditioner and haircut... My parlor people understands wat I need without diff level of hairstylists... Just my view...

    1. Mogana 3000 is not just for the hair cut but along with the product I got. I have mentioned the same above, if you have read it completely you would have known.

      Good that your parlour people can give you a good cut for just 600 and I don't mind spending Rs.1500 per year for a hair cut :)

  6. This cut suits you really well Aarthi, I am due for a cut too!!!

  7. Hair cut looks so good on you. :)

  8. Hi, thanks for the review. Any idea about their hair smoothening service?

    1. Sorry.. Haven't tried it there :(



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