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Best of 2013 - Makeup

Having done with Skincare and Hair care I really thought Makeup would be easy too - Err, do I sound blunt.. I am talking about the Best of 2013 posts. It was easy picking up the best of hair care and skin care but makeup wasn't that easy. At least not as easy as I though it would be ! I had too many lipsticks and too many lip gloss in the list then I had to differentiate them based on their quality. So after all the hard work [Phew !] here is the list of cosmetics that really impressed me :)

Best of  2013 - Makeup

I am still stuck to my HG MAC Foundation and compact so I couldn't include it in this post meant for just last year- 2013 ! I had to pick products that I bought/used last year only. I still have few products that I bought last year but I am yet to use them - like the Essie Nail Polishes ! So I have not included them in this post :P After all this sorting out I am listing my favorites here :)

Base Makeup

Colorbar BB Cream - Yet to be reviewed !


MAC Hush - A great eye shadow base and a highlighter ! I don't think I will go looking for any other product that serves the same purpose. Reviewed HERE.

MAC Cranberry and MAC Woodwinked - The best eye shadows of the year 2013. I so so so so love these !! Reviewed HERE and HERE.

Maybelline Hyper Sharper Liner - Only this made lining my eyes so easy and only after I started using this I more often drew a line on my upper lash line ! Reviewed HERE.


It was a hard decision :P In random order, 

1.MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush Springsheen - The blush that goes on me for all parties, festivals and weddings. Reviewed HERE.

2.NYX Rouge Cream Blush - My first cream blushes and I loved them. Reviewed HERE & HERE

3.Chanel Blush in Malice - My first blush from the luxury brand and I was really impressed. Reviewed HERE.

4.YSL Blush in Rose Whisper - The formula/quality really stunned me ! Reviewed HERE.

5.The Balm Frat Boy - This came as a gift and one of the best I've got so far ! Reviewed HERE.

Best of 2013 - Makeup


In random order,

1.Maybelline Bold Matte Lipsticks MAT2 - There were not really matte and that is why I loved it ;) Loved all the super bright shades that was launched here though I got just one MAT2 - Reviewed HERE.

2.MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Ultra Darling - My most favorite and highly used lipstick ! Reviewed HERE.

3.MAC Creme In Your Coffee - This is my everyday lipstick and I will be buying this forever and ever and ever !! Reviewed HERE.

4.Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Antigone - As much as I love the above two MAC lipsticks I love this one two. If you ask me to pick one among the three I really can't ! I am eying a couple of more shades in this range. Reviewed HERE.

5.Guerlain Lipstick in Grenade - Something I just love for the formula. Pure luxury that comes in a pretty heavy case that has a mirror in it ! The most expensive lipstick I have :D Reviewed HERE.

Lip Gloss / Other Lip Colors

In random order,

1.Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Fuchsia Fever - I love the shade so much that it suits just any occassion. Reviewed HERE.

2.Chanel Gloss in Emoi - This is one of the very first gloss I tried that was absolutely non-sticky. The shade is mind-blowing. Very rarely I give a 5/5 and this is one of the few that gained all my points ! Reviewed HERE

3.Nyx Xtreme Lip Creme Bonfire - A super bright and super creamy lip color that I don't wear very often but when worn it just makes you stand out in the crowd. Reviewed HERE.

4.Revlon Lip Butters - How I loved the formula, packaging, shades and just everything about these lip butters. I definitely thought that I will end up picking more shades but had almost forgotten all about it ! Reviewed HERE and HERE.

Nail Polish

Last year I became a nail polish hoarder and I don't see any particular reason behind it. Not that I am trying different nail art too but just love having so many colors with me and trying different colors on my nails :p In random order,

1.Bourjois Gel Nail Polish - I also ventured into gel nail polishes and they were instant love. They work like a magic on my nails, especially for shaky hands like mine. I got two shades a bright navy blue and a turquoise green, reviewed HERE and HERE.

2.Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Pink Clouds - I am on my second bottle ! Do I have to say more? Reviewed HERE.

3.Chanel Nail Color in April - I love the shade which is a creamy rose color and the formula is equally amazing too ! Reviewed HERE.

4.Barry M Gel Nail Color in Pomegranate - I just love love love love and love the formula. It was a gift and my happiness knew no bounds :D Another 5/5 ! Reviewed HERE.

Phew ! My back is aching now and after this really lengthy post I definitely need a break. Hope you liked my picks from the year 2013. 

Did you have too many favorites like me?

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I think my comment just blew away:(
    Glad to see theBalm's Frat Boy in the list :D Totally agree on Hush! its a must have!

    1. Thank You Pari :) Thank you so much for this amazing product <3

  2. awesome post ...I now absolutely need to try a blush from Chanel :)

    1. I am dying to try their cream blushes Agni :D

  3. Nice list.In my list I include Colorbar BB cream,MAC viva glam 3 lipstick,Chanel lipgloss in intrigue(almost finished),Lotus lipglass in vintage rose(feels sticky, but love the color),Revlon lipbutter in fig jam,Maybelline color tatoo in pomegranate,colorbar kajal and ultimate liner in blackout and MAC studio fix powder foundation( as usual),Chanel loose powder(close to my heart).None of the eyeliners or kajals impressed you in 2013 Aarthi ? Oh such a lengthy comment!!!!!!!!!.

    1. Thanks for reminding Lakshmi.. I absolutely forgot about Maybelliner Hyper Sharper Liner !!!!

      Your list looks so wow and I will try Chanel Intrigue and Lotus Vintage Rose whenever I get a chance next :D

  4. I totally want to try the Colorbar BB cream. Will pick it on my next visit to the mall.
    My list would be : revlon whipped creme foundation!(the best for oily skinned and those on a budget),revlon e/s palette in naturally glamorous,nyx blush in mocha(amazing shade!),lakme absolute day blushes,clinique quickliner intense in real ebony and bourjois contour clubbing eyeliner in black party,maybelline clear glow compact(i love this one and nothing comes close!).. don't use too many lipsticks but loved colorbar glosses.. amazing!

    1. I totally love Colorbar BB Cream :)

      Loved your list Nandini :) I so want to try nyx blush. I have the clubbing eyeliner in purple color that I love <3

  5. Aarthi this was a nice read :) I want to try the colorbar BB cream, Chanel Antigone and Frat boy!

    1. You will when I am there to tempt you so much ;)

  6. Nice picks...Its hard to decide which one is better...xoxoxo...:)

    1. Lol ! I agree Maria..

  7. Great choices. I love this type of post, it's always good to see what products others love.

    1. I am glad you liked the post :)



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