Sunday, February 16, 2014

Books Are Back Into My Life :D

I was a book worm ever since I was a kid and I inherited this habit from my parents, who used to spend at least Rs.1000 per month [during my school days] on daily magazines, novels and other books, which was then a huge amount from their salary. Even now my mom and dad have a huge library at home and I have a little one at my Mom's place too :D It was after my daughter's arrival I hardly found time for books. I never thought I will ever get a chance to read all the new books lying around in my library which includes some interesting ones like - The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, The Alchemist and so on !

Books Are Back Into My Life !

My daughter is already 3 years old now and she gives me some break often unlike her early years when I hardly find any time for myself. I didnt actually realize that I had the time for a book until hubby left for an official trip for a week. I saw the book 'Marrying Anita' under my bank files [don't remember when I bought it though] and it was good to get the smell of books after whole 3 years or even more ! 

I have finished 1/4th of the book and it seems to be 'okay' so far - The story is all about the life of an Indian girl whose parents have settled in the U.S but she comes back to India to find a groom for herself and she sees a completely New India ! 

Even before I finish this, hubby gets me this book - 'The Secret Wish List' as a Valentines Day gift for me. It was hard for me to hold myself from fainting ! First of all he doesn't know that I have started reading novels so this was a gesture to make me get back to my passion and hubby doesn't know anything about books ! 

He can't read anything more than an SMS. He even ignores an SMS if it is too long !!! I gave him my favorite book - 'Love Story' by Erich Segal [which was hardly 100 pages and the smallest book I've read so far] when we were in love and till date he didn't even open the book once nor I think he knows the name of the book !! 

So this was really a sweet surprise and I asked him how he chose this one. The last book I read [before I delivered my baby] was P.S. I Love You and he googled about the book, then found the author -> then looked for other books by the same author. Nothing pleased him !!

For some reason he remembered Dan Brown as I used to talk to him a lot about his books [not knowing he was hardly listening to what I blabbered then !] and was looking for his books too. Since it was around the Valentine's Day he had to pick something romantic while he was being called by the airport authorities to board his flight !! Confused hubby found Valentine's Day special books in a rack near the billing counter. Thanks to the Shop Keeper. He picks the one with most attractive cover, begs people and jumps in the queue and rushes to catch his flight !

I wouldn't have been more happy even if he had given me a diamond ring ! I was really touched and I can't wait to finish the one I am reading right now and start reading the one he got for me !!

Did you find your long lost passion too? How did you feel then?

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. Indeed the best thing that could have happened to you. Preeti Shenoy is a wonderful writer and I guess you'd like 'The Secret Wish list'

    ~Stay blessed~

    1. I am hoping for the same too and this is the first time I will be reading a book by Preeti Shenoy :) *Excited*

  2. start on with the girl series rite away... u wil love them! :)

  3. Nice post dear....Its good to know that you also love books....same is in my case....I love movies too by the way.....xoxoxo....:)

  4. Hehehee...the story about how your husband picked up the books!!! :D :D :D

    We have a nice library here, so I have been picking up a few books now and then..I hope I find a nice library once I get back to India too. I don't mind buying books, but I don't want to buy evvvvvverrrrry book I want to read, and I definitely don't have the space to keep them all anyway :D

    1. Lol !

      I really want to build my own small library at home some day and pass it on to my daughter :) Really.. even I can't buy every book I want to read !!

  5. Aarthi I am addicted to books. I have a kindle and I have more books on it than I can ever finish reading :P I finished this book Son-in-law yest, liked it a lot. Recently read Promise Me, lots of A content which I am not a fan of, but left me thinking about love blah blah.

    I have loads of recommendations, if only someone would listen :P It sounds like you have described my hubby too... Cant read even if it becomes my death wish. I have been telling him I will buy him Love story but I already know what the outcome will be :P

    1. Oh Supria first of all I am all ears for your suggestions and we are going to a book store together :) Really soon :) Second, I am super jealous that you had time to read in spite of your work, baby and blogging too !!

      Good that you gave up so early ;) I never thought he will lose the BOOK I gave him !!!

  6. I love love reading too.. havent really heard a book in weeks.. i do download ebooks and try to read them.. i got a library too :)

    1. For some reason I am still not comfortable reading e books yet :(



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