Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 2014 Empties (y) !!!

When we think everything is going as per routine and there is nothing that needs some extra attention, then we would have definitely missed something ;) When I was really glad that I was able to empty products every month [at least 4-5],  I would shop without any guilt too. However last month was an exception, I realized there was nothing that I emptied last month ! Which means I never used any product regularly and I have been missing my routine !!! The laziness continued and the below picture is the proof :(

March 2014 Empties(y) !!

I did manage to finish something this month but that didn't make me feel great or satisfied, because it is just a sample of a mask by Forest Essentials !! You could obviously see the mini container there which had this amazing mask that I wanted to repurchase. Since I haven't emptied many products in the recent months, I didn't have the heart to go out and spend / splurge :(

Forest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque - Madhulika

The Madhulika masque is one of the best I've tried so far. The only problem being the stickiness [presence of honey] and thickness of the mask which makes it a little difficult to apply the mask on my skin but seeing the after effects the stickiness is just nothing ! A product that totally impressed me ! You can see the detailed review here.

Will I Repurchase? - Definitely
Good, Bad or Okay - Really Good
Product meant for - People looking for a mask that hydrates and brightens the skin.

I have more than a couple of products lined up to be emptied this month. Hope I am not lazy any more :p Lets see.. 

Since I didn't finish up much in these 2 months I didn't buy anything too ! Yes, no haul post but something super interesting will be up tomorrow :D Stay tuned !

♥ Aarthi ♥


  1. I must remember to try this mask Aarthi. What is that super fun thing coming up??? I wanna know!!!

    1. You recently reviewed a part of it in your blog :p That's the clue ;)



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